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Have I got Hypothyroidism?

I am new to this forum. I have Just had my routine bloods back from the doctors. I asked if I could have hypothyroidism as I feel so tired and cold all the time. I also have missing hair from my eyebrows. I was told that my results were normal and that I was cold because of my age. [I am 62] All my other blood tests were normal.

TSH 2.75, [0.4-5.0mU/L]

FT4 16, [9.0-25.0 pmol/L

I would appreciate any comments.

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The TSH suggests that your thyroid is beginning to struggle as do your symptoms.You really need to have tested FT3, the two antibody tests,also folate ,ferritin,D3 and B12"

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Do you have close relatives who are hypothyroid or who have autoimmune diseases?


None that I'm aware of.


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