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Strange Hashis TSH result - any thoughts?!

hi All

I posted before Christmas about changes to my thyroid after being hypo and steady at 100mg levo for 10 years.

Just got my blood tests back after going back on 50mg at new Year, after coming off meds altogether in December following massive hyper swing (which may or may not have been thyroid going auto-immune which was confirmed my antibody test).

Oct TSH 0.06 - over-medicated, doc then reduced dose from 100-75, T4 25.0 (range 12-22)

December TSH was 17.7 with no thyroxine, T4 6.8 (range 10.8-25.5) AB test done 327

Feb TSH is 29.1 with 50mg (range 0.27 to 4.2) T4 results are not yet back.

Have been feeling ok, bit sluggish and body temp consistently under 36 degrees so i knew I was still under-medicated. Have been alternating 50 and 100 last week after blood test, feel much better energy-wise. Doc says go to 100 daily and will refer to endo, approx 6 weeks

My naturopath thinks it is emotional (!), but I'm in a good place at the moment

Vit D over 100, B12 over 1000, also taking zinc and selenium, Ferritin was low in Dec at 13 but not retested. Am gf, and practically grain/dairy free, given up wine (makes me feel 'glutened' and take a probiotic!

Any thoughts/experiences gratefully received!

thanks in advance


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Is your TSH really 29.1? This is not a typo? Then I'm not surprised you don't feel well on 50mcg.

Oh and find yourself a new naturopath if they don't understand you are under medicated.

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My naturopath thinks it is emotional (!), but I'm in a good place at the moment

You definitely need a new naturopath. Your current one is way out of his/her depth and is likely to cause you harm.

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Your FT4 result in Oct suggsted that you were slighty overmedicated but some people don't convert T4 to T3 well and need over range FT4 in order to get enough T3. It would have been useful to get FT3 tested. Did you fell well then? You are now very undermedicated and it sounds as though your naturopath does not have enough knowledge to manage your condition. You were probably OK in Oct, or needed 100/75 alternate days, or even some T3 instead of some T4.

Did you take your levo within 24 hours of the Oct blood test, as that would give a false high reading? Remember that bloods shoudl be taken fasting (water only) and in the early morning.


Thanks for your reply. The oct tests was my annual check which I brought forward as I was feeling very hyper, insomnia, jittery, headaches, jaw clenching - had never experienced hyper symptoms before. I had been on 100mg for 10 yrs and doc reduced to 75mg. Was better for a few weeks then hyper symptoms again so I reduced to 50mg, better for a while then more symptoms and so on until I stopped taking in December as could not not sleep, was climbing the walls, was awful.

Doc was not much help but some advice from these forums and some personal research makes me think this period was my thyroid going auto immune (confirmed by ab test in December) and flooding body with thyroid hormones (hence the hyper attacks) but the underlying hypo issue is still there -hence Dec results. This makes sense to me, although appreciate I could have been Hashis for yrs just not experienced any swings.

The only test I did fasting without Levo was the most recent in Feb, 9am so more than 24hrs since last dose. Was not aware of this before. Hopefully will get the t4 result today (which theoretically should be lower than Dec ?) I did ask doc for t3 test but she wasn't keen. Hopefully endorse will do it, or I may do privately


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