Dutch test results

Hi! My Dutch test urine test results are here:

total estrogen 68.1 (27-62), progesterone 17.1 (6-20), testosterone 8.7 (4-14), 24 hour free cortisol 103 (80-185), total DHEA production 3167 (400-3000), metabolized cortisol 6039 (2750-5400). So my estrogen, cortisol and DHEA are elevated. I feel kind of messed up. I don,t really know what to do next and what supplements should I take to make levels normal?

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  • Hi Cheriema,

    I'm guessing that you're not working with a practitioner? Hormone results need careful interpretation, and quite often need to be read alongside other results for a more complete picture. Because the DUTCH is such a comprehensive report, it's important to get some understanding on the pathways, as these provide the clues as to where the problems really are, rather than total readings.

    For example, you could have a high total cortisol reading, but a low metabolized cortisol reading, then looking at the pathway you might see that you're not clearing it very well.

    I hope this question gets some replies as I'm sure it resonates with many folks on the forum.

    The below link is a discussion of someone's DUTCH result, maybe you'll be able to glean something from it...



    All the best

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