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TSH of 27 (has anyone seen results this high)

Sept 2016 TSH was 1.7

Sept 2016 T4 was 13

13 Feb 2017 TSH 27 (0.30 - 5.50)

13 Feb 2017 T4 8 (10.00 - 22.00)

13 Feb HbA1c 70

13 Feb Serum Cholesterol Ratio 5.9

My doctor has given me Levotyhroxine 50mcg and bloodwork to be done in two months time. I have also asked for blood work for B12, Ferritin, Folate. She will not do a T3. I have also asked for a referral to a endocrinologist, she wasn't to happy about this, but I said as I have raised blood sugars and now raised thyroid since Sept 2016, something is obviously going on and I need it to be looked into by a specialist. At this point she agreed that it might be a good idea.

Meds I am on.

2000 mg Metformin

48 Units of Levemir (basal insulin) night time

Humolog Insulin (when I need it)

I also take Vit D


Vit E

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TSH 27 (0.30 - 5.50) fT4 8 (10.00 - 22.00) clearly indicate primary hypothyroidism (a failing thyroid gland) but 27 is not that high. TSH can shoot up, a TSH of 127 would be high and there are people who have had higher TSH values. You will probably need an increase from 50 mcg levothyroxine. Your doctor is being a bit slow in waiting two months but provided you feel reasonably OK after a couple of weeks on 50 mcg there's no problem waiting for two months. From what I've seen on these forums patients who have elevated TSH values on diagnosis, say 20 or greater, tend to do well on levothyroxine. This is just a casual observation.


Thank you Jim, I was nervous as I have looked at lots of posts on here and couldn't find any that had really high TSH. I feel like I have been run over by a bus at the moment, I have had a really bad cold and that dreaded cough that has lasted for weeks, its nearly gone now. I had wondered if this may have been anything to do with my elevated results as the last one in Sept 2016 was in normal range, how can the results have changed so drastically in such a short space of time. It is really worrying.


My TSH was 100 when, finally, diagnosed after paying out £££s for diagnosis/treatment for conditions I didn't have etc etc. Not one took a blood test for thyroid hormones until a first aider I know suggested it as he could see my swollen gland.

Ask GP to also test thyroid antibodies as you may have a condition called Autoimmune Thyroid Disease (hashimoto's common name) and the antibodies attack the gland, sometimes with a flood of antibodies and at other times lower.

P.S. I was also discharged from an overnight stay from the A&E cardiac dept as my heart was playing up awful. The diagnosis from the A& E was 'Probably viral with high cholesterol'. If they knew their stuff high cholesterol should have been a red flag as it is common with hypo. They are unaware of any clinical symptoms unfortunately. I thought I was dying and was bedridden for a week before I got my blood tested and my diagnosis. My GP phoned two hours after test and asked who provided Blood Test Form and I said I did.


Don't worry, I had what I thought was a high result in my TSH level, now I'm learning too. This is a great place for information and reassurance!

Hope it won't be long before things improve for you.


The beauty of being able to communicate with people in similar situations is priceless!

Learning all the time!

Thanks, Jim


Article by Izabella Wentz on connection between blood sugar and Hashimoto's

Has your GP checked for high thyroid antibodies


Thank you for your replies. My GP has not ordered antibodies tests. Just a follow up TSH and Folate, Ferritin & B12 in two months time.

I am hoping for my referral for endo to come through before I have these tests done, I will ask endo for these tests when I go and also a T4 and T3.

Due to being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes approx. 10 years ago, I was gestational diabetic firstly, then within 4 years I was diagnosed with type 2. After being in denial for many years and not looking after myself, I finally came around and found a forum much like this one. After reading as much as I could, I never looked back, accepted the fact I needed more help in the way of insulin and finally got my self in good control of my blood sugars. During this time of self help, I empowered myself in the knowledge of eating well, which I took upon myself to follow the Atkins Diet and also I look at Paleo recipes now and then. So basically, I have been gluten, grain free and very low carb for about 4 years now. I wonder where I might be now if I hadn't found these diet changes.

I have found that gluten free products are ok, but for myself I do not have them as I have found they take out the gluten and add sugar. Most gluten free products are very high in carbs therefore, I can not have them due to making my blood sugars raise. I do make by own bread and anything else I fancy like the occasional cake out of almond and coconut flour, this satisfies my cravings and keeps my blood sugar in control. Now to concentrate on my new thyroid problem sigh!!!!


Mine was 30ish, though I can't say I felt worse at that particular moment than I had for months and possibly when I'd been tested (and found to be within range) earlier. The doctor was flummoxed as I had asked for tft and she had sort of humoured me and when she rang me I could hear how surprised she was that something was actually wrong.

Even on a good dose of levo that brought my t3/t4 close to the top of the range and tsh below 1 I was symptomatic on levo alone so a bit of t3 was added. Things are far from perfect but to paraphrase Chuck Heston, they'll have to pry my t3 from my cold dead hands.


Mine went over 160 in a fortnight when a (stupid) doctor told me to stop taking my meds, because she didnt think I needed them. Knew it would be bad, but even I didnt think it would be that bad so quickly. Only stopped to prove a point. Last time I listened to a doctor.

If you are new to meds then it going up can be normal, as you start to get the body something it has been deprived off it starts utilising it and you need more. Just expect this to happen until you are on the correct dose. It can take upto 2 years to get it right.


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