Doctor is too afraid to prescribe thyroxine

Just had an appointment with new doctor. Otherwise very lovely lady, was easy to talk with her and she didn't turn me down. She said she would back up CFS if nothing else shows up. She is too afraid to start levo trial as some of doctors over here Finland still think they will lose their license if they prescribe thyroid medication. Endo's have scared them not to, saying only endos are allowed to do so.

I didn't argue about it as I just wanted to have more tests done , which she happily agreed to.

She did agree my thyroid levels are weird , but as I am prone to lose weight she doesn't think thyroid has nothing to do with it. But most doctors over here don't understand it.

So I will get plenty of tests run. I am surprised ft3 is included!!!! So TSH, ft4, ft3, tpoab, ferritin, iron, other type of antibodies, active B12, vitamin D, folate, cortisol, rheumatoid factor, magnesium and tons of more.

I am happy about to get proper tests done, as I am broke, I don't have money to test myself privately, this is a huge relief even though it will be still battle to get trial of levo.

I don't think my ft4 has improved, it has been rock bottom for over a year and nothing changes so clearly something is going on its not one off. She didn't consider my TSH 3 high enough , but agreed my fluctuating TSH is not good and not good my ft4 doesn't budge even though TSH rises.

So will see after these tests have been run. Her diagnosing CFS isnt the worst thing as then I am allowed to get benefits, which would also give me a peace of my mind until I find someone agreeing trialing levo.

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  • This is a good website which brings together lots of research and treatment recommendations for CFS:

  • Thanks :) I am somewhat familiar with CFS, but at first glance I can see there is a lots of new information for me as well. Basically I disagree with CFS as I do not have most symptoms like on going inflammation and high temperature. I do think I fit in as CFS as a symptom or a outcome of something. But I think we most agree CFS is not one illness it is just a bunch of symptoms which can differ based on a cause.

    My condition is not progressing its more so stable or slightly improved throughout the years so maybe it has been CFS in different way at some point that left me with another condition that didnt disappear.

  • I agree, I think they give you a CFS diagnosis when they accept your fatigue and other symptoms but cannot connect them to any specific disease.

  • I noticed on your very comprehensive tests that iodine is low, although should only be supplemented under medical supervision. RDI dose would probably be ok along with selenium.

  • Yeah I had a chat with the doctor about the iodine and she agreed according to urine test its on low side, but as it only reflects to iodine consumption 1 to 5 days before the test it doesn't necessarily have diagnostic value.

    I tried iodine before that test I used 150 mcg -250 mcg /day but I ended up quite ill. I guess if I had been tested while using iodine the urine test would have showed higher number. During the test I had not taken any supplemental iodine for a month as I was feeling so poorly. So that iodine was what I get my normal diet without iodized salt either.

    Taking iodine actually lowered my ft4 and tt4, ft3 did not budge so it didnt do much good.

    But during past year I have upped my iodine intake again very slowly so I think it is quite safe to say I am somewhere mildly deficient at the moment.

    Doctor said that ideally I should try to increase my iodine but as I am so sensitive to it , its better not to push it too far.

    I just tried to update my profile , but I do it way to slowly so it doesn't safe the changes :D

  • Hi Justiina,

    That must be some sort of a relief for you. I'm happy that you will get benefits. 👍

    J 🍀

  • Yeah , easier to cope for a little longer!

  • CFS and fibro are thought by many to be caused by too low T3 (Free T3) due to their clinical symptoms and TSH not rising high enough to be diagnosed. This is a link and this is an excerpt:

    These examples certainly don't exhaust the possible mechanisms that can result in this pattern of hormone blood levels. What is important to appreciate is that problems of either the thyroid gland or the cells of various tissues can produce normal T4 but low T3 levels. If you have symptoms of hypometabolism, and your lab result (a normal T4 and low T3) is consistent with repeated testing, further investigation is warranted to determine exactly what the mechanism might be. Since you have fibromyalgia, which means you have symptoms of hypometabolism, then further testing and investigation is certainly warranted in your case.

    So, to simply answer your question: "My doctor said that this lab result does not mean I have a thyroid-related problem. Do you agree?" If the lab result is consistent with repeated testing, then I disagree. Your test result does not rule out a thyroid gland problem, and it does not rule out a possible problem in the cellular processing or action of thyroid hormones. Your symptoms are as important as your test results. Since your fibromyalgia symptoms indicate that you are hypometabolic, then some "thyroid-related problem" is a distinct possibility. Certainly, further testing is justified.

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