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Hashimotos flare up

Hi I'm new

Hi I have hashimotos, diagnosed about 15 years ago . I am on 175 thyroxine and 10 t3 .

My dose has been adjusted so many times .

I still have lots of symptoms, my main ones constipation , anxiety, low mood and the worst one is brain fog , can't think clearly , it's taking me a while to write this post , can't find the right words .

My main question is , when I eat carbs my heartbeat increases about 20 to 30 beats or more sometimes, I just wondered if this has anything to do with hashimotos, I also get anxiety when my heart races like this .

I will be really grateful for any replies


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Have you ever tried going gluten free. I did and almost got rid of my TPO antibodies and felt much better.

When I went through a process to diagnose food intolerance (before hypo diagnosis) I was asked to note my pulse when reintroducing foods to my diet. Anything I was intolerant to caused my pulse to race. Needless to say one of my intolerances was wheat, eggs was another.

So I was almost gluten free but still ate oats, rye, barley, which can be contaminated with wheat gluten. Now I check that there isn't any gluten. If you do try GF diet you must not cheat at all, a small amount just negates any benefits. You will have to read all food labels carefully. I prepare most of my food from scratch.

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Hi thanks for replying

I tried gluten and dairy free for four weeks ( found it really hard ) my doctor did a blood test for coeliac, it came back clear , so was told I could eat gluten .

My heart is racing at this moment ? Just had my breakfast, lol , toast and egg .

This heart racing after eating, is this whats called a hashimotos flare up .?

Even though I've had hashimotos for a while, I'm still learning about it , my doctors not very clued up about thyroid disease at all .

Thanks again


Being GF for a few weeks is really not long enough. When reading you will learn that the Coeliac testing is unreliable. You can also be Gluten sensitive without being a Coeliac.

If you are on a PC there is a heading to the right of this page - TOPICS - under the sub-heading - Hashimotos - there are over 2000 posts. So a good place to start learning about Hashimotos - the books - the websites - the Newsletters. We cannot rely on the GP - we have to become our own advocates - GP's cannot specialise in everything.

Toast and egg - both could be causing sensitivities ....

I am not a Medic - I have Hashimotos and a B12 issues :-)


Thanks for your reply much appreciated,

Don't have a pc just my iPhone


Ok - so on your phone keep scrolling down - first you come to Related Posts - then Pinned Posts - further down - TOPICS where you will see Hashimotos - click on there and you will be able to read all weekend :-)


Thanks so much , will try that now

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