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Hashimotos flare up?

Hi. I've been diagnosed with Hashimito's for about 5 years now and take 125mcg levothryoxine daily.

I've been pretty well for the last 6 months, which has been so wonderful! I've returned to exercising and a pretty much "normal" life. However in the last few days I've come crashing down with extreme fatigue, a feeling of coming down with something although nothing materialises, lack of appetite and general apathy.

Does anyone else experience what I would class as a flare up? I would have thought my thyroid didn't even function anymore, given the length of time it's been and so therefore how could it affect me? Thank you.

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I am Hashis and used to get flare up days with slightly raised lymph nodes - I found high doses of fish oil (krill best) helped with the inflammatory response it's cheap as chips to buy

Another issue to consider could be adrenal function , a lot of Thyroid patients have under performing adrenals due to taking thyroid meds in the day which is opposite to the bodies natural supply of T4/T3 which would normally occur late night early morning

you could try dosing at bed time to see if it helps , many patients report positive responses

An 8am cortisol blood test could be a very helpful insight into what's going on

If you post your latest lab results with reference ranges one of the admins will give you some great advice

Make sure you take other supplements away from your thyroid meds as they can interfere with absorption and effectiveness

Good luck


Hey Stuart, thanks for your reply.

I've tried taking levo at night, but it was awful. Nightmares and no sleep for about 3 days until I gave up and went back to the morning!

I've never tested adrenals before. I've got a GP appointment Thursday to request an up to date blood test to see if anything comes up.

I appreciate your response and I hope you stay well :) You don't get flare ups any more?


I don't tend to get many if any now , I don't notice them if they are

I used to be quite uncomfortable like I was coming down with something constantly but I convinced the endo to put me on T3 only and am dosing according to Paul Robinsons protocol and Ct3m method and I have to say I feel about 70% better already (taken 71 days of no T4 so far ) it is definitely worth buying "recovering with t3" book it has everything in there about T4 , T3 , adrenals and supplements

It's worth registering at his facebook group , recovering with T3 and posting your latest bloods and brief history of your hypo story , he or one of the admins will sort you out and tell you exactly what to do

It's the best thing I ever did


Thanks for that. If I'm totally honest the thought of trying something else now terrifies me! I've got to a reasonably even keel to where I was and can't afford to be off work sick again :(

Yeah, that's how I feel like I'm coming down with something or a bit fluey. I've slept loads over the past 48 hours and rested as much as I can, it seems to have helped a little. I'm going to the GP tomorrow to request bloods, haven't had them done in a while.

Really glad to hear you are doing good on T3. Keep well :)


is that Paul Robinsons Counselling and mental healthpage?


Recovering with T3 page


Just a thought, Wired, before this flare-up - or whatever - did you eat anything out of the ordinary? Anything differenct from your usual diet? Some foods can trigge that sort of reaction.

Hugs, Grey


I've had a think about it Greygoose and cannot think of anything that I ate out of the ordinary. I pretty much eat the same things most of the time. Thanks for the idea though :)


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