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Blood results fine - still very hypo

I just got my results and they made me nervous аs I might have some sort of resistance.

I am taking 62 T4 and 18 T3 in the morning in one dose. Got down from 200 T4 +18 T3 due to fear of rT3 building up. I was feeling hypo as well.

On the reduced dose I feel the same - skipped beats all day long, slow heart rate, terrible bone and muscle pain, brain fog, fatigue, horrible constipation, brittle nails.

I am trying to up my T3 but cannot tolerate it, elevates my heart rate a bit.

My results 22 hours after previous dose:

TSH 0.005

FT4 19.25 (12-24)

FT3 6.85 (3.95 - 7.80) Some labs here give 8.80 as an upper range in the same measurement units.

When I was healthy I had seen the following results:

TSH 0.8

FT4 24 something

FT3 7.40 +

When I was becoming hypothyroid, I was very ill, symptomatic, having the following results:

TSH 3.35

FT4 20.10

FT3 5.93

After giving birth when I was not taking any thyroid medication, I was euthyroid at FT3 6.60 and FT4 18.75. However that was a natural rise in FT3, not a medically-induced one and only 10 days after the blood was drawn I began experiencing hypo symptoms.

That is why I assumed that my hypothyroidism begins when my FT3 level falls down below 6.60.

Now it is 6.85 and I am still hypo.

Question is : Do I need just a higher level of FT3 to feel fine when on medication? Paul Robinson says that he has seen a level of 8.5 even 9+ on his blood tests and he attributes that to his body having something broken at a cellular level and requiring higher blood levels of FT3 to feel fine.

Does T3 pool in my blood? And I have hormone resistance?

Is it possible that I have a rT3 problem?

Thank you,


P.S. Going by symptoms I expected something like a 5ish FT3.

I feel the same with this FT3 of 6.85 as compared with an FT3 of 4.99 when I was on T4 only. The same!

Does my T3 pool in blood and show a higher but not realistic FT3 level while I still get my cellular FT3 level from FT4 converting? Is that why I feel real bad when stopping T4?

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How many weeks have you been taking 62 T4 and 18 T3?


2 weeks on +/-188 T4 and 18 T3

almost one week on 62 T4 18 T3

I am very hypo. I think I am either pooling or resistant.

In either case I don't know what to do.


2 weeks on +/-188 T4 and 18 T3

almost one week on 62 T4 18 T3

Have you really dropped your dose of T4 by 126mcg per day? That is a massive, MASSIVE drop. No wonder you feel hypo. Or have I misunderstood?

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Yes I have, actually I stopped T4 for 3 days and restarted it on 50/75.

And I don't feel any different. I feel as hypo on 62 T4 and 18 T3 as I did on +/-188 T4 and 18 T3. Maybe a tiny bit more now, but the difference is not big at all.



I imagine you are hypo after dropping 126mcg Levothyroxine!

Dose adjustments should be in 25mcg increments every 6-8 weeks. I would resume taking 188mcg T4 + 18mcg T3 for 6 weeks and then retest. You are destabilising your metabolism by making large and rapid dose adjustments.

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You are right. But I was hypo on 188 T4 as well... So I acted on the assumption I am building up rT3 that is why I dropped my T4 dose.



Why don't you get a rT3 test rather than assuming, perhaps incorrectly, that high rT3 is why you remain hypo?


I did. The results will be ready in 2 weeks.

I may have absorption issues or just require higher levels оf FT3 to feel well. I don't know, but on this level, I am completely hypothyroid.



If you feel hypo on 188mcg + 18mcg T3 you are going to feel more hypo after reducing dose so much because FT4 and FT3 will plummet.


One thing sprang to my mind just now.

During my second pregnancy I was hypothyroid, I was fine during the first one.

When I compare my results from the 3 trimesters of the 2 pregnancies, I can see that during my second one while on T4 I felt euthyroid on FT4 and FT3 levels that were 1-1.5+ higher than my FT4 and FT3 levels during my first pregnancy when I still had a normal thyroid function.

Is it really possible that I need a higher FT3 level now that I am on medication? Oh...


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