Magnesium and T3


I know not to take my magnesium anywhere near my levothyroxine, but does the 4 hour rule extend to T3 too? The best time for me to take my second dose of T3 is at night-time (any other time affects my sleep) but I also take my magnesium glycinate at night-time. I'm concerned that taking them close together is affecting the T3 absorption. How far apart do they need to be?



(PS Am on 100mcg levothyroxine and 20 mcg of liothyronine)

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  • I've been experimenting with that. I read somewhere, when I was looking for something else, that they should be taken six hours apart. Then, I couldn't find it again, so started experimenting. Even taking them four hours apart, my skin had started becoming scaly - always a first sign for me. So, I eventually found that the best gap was six hours. Which; of course, makes things awkward if you take your T3 at night, like I do. So, I take my magnesium mid-afternoon. I never found it relaxing, anyway.

  • greygoose may I ask why you take your T3 at night? What advantage is there in doing that? What happened when you took it in the morning?

  • Nothing happened, I just find it more convenient to take at night.

  • How much magnesium do you take greygoose?

  • 400 mg daily. :)

  • Me too. May try taking earlier. Cheers

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