Hi All,

I was wondering if someone give me some advice on how to take T3. I am currently taking 125mcg Levothyroxine, my endocrinologist has given me 20 mcg of T3 and told me to drop 25mcg of levothyroxine and take 100mcg levothyroxine and 20mcg of T3. I was wondering if I am best taking 10mcg T3 a day and working up to taking 20mcg a day or should I just take the dose she prescribed and do I take the levothyroxine at the same time as the T3, it's all a fluffin minefield to me...so complicated and complex, or maybe that's just me 😂😂


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  • misschris I'm not sure your endo really knows what she's doing.

    20mcg is roughly equivalent to 60-80mcg levo, so she's told you to reduce your levo by 25mcg and add the equivalent of 60-80mcg as a straight swap. Wow!

    I'm not medically trained but have self-sourced and added T3 to my prescribed Levo and was advised to go low and slow, add it gradually, and I pass on that advice.

    Your suggestion of starting with 10mcg is very sensible. See how it goes, you can increase after a couple of weeks if you feel the need.

    You can take it at the same time as your Levo, in one 10mcg dose, or you can split it into 5mcg in the morning and 5 mcg later in the day, some people take the second dose at bedtime. Experiment, see what suits you.

    What are your FT4 and FT3 results that prompted her to prescribe T3?

  • SeasideSusie,

    20mcg T3 is equivalent to 60mcg T4 and as 25mcg T4 has been taken away 35mcg equivalent isn't such a big dose increase.

  • Oh yes clutter, I realise that, but we don't know why T3 has been added. Is it because of poor conversion where a better balance of FT4 and FT3 is needed (as mine was) so an actual 'rise' in dose isn't the aim. I reduced Levo and the amount of T3 I added didn't increase the actual 'total' dose. Or because she's under medicated and needs a rise in 'total' amount. Which is why I asked what the results were that prompted the addition of T3.

  • I'm on my 10th day of T3. I take both Levo and T3 together first thing in the morning an hour before eating or drinking, 4 hours before any other meds or supplements, and understand T3 should be 25% of your levo dose so 100mcg of levo to 25mcg of T3.

    I've started on 1/4 of 25mcg and building it up. Endo said 1/2 but said I wanted to start low and increase after 2 weeks. He said fine I was being very sensible even though I was going to self medicate lol but advised not to increase until after my 4 week blood test to check my levels so at least he's looking after me.

    I did have very bad side effects at first which are easing now but I'm still a little shaky but must admit although I'm a long way from being fit and healthy I already feel 10 times better than I have in a long time!

  • Miss FG,

    T3 dose should be as much as or as little as required to deliver the FT3 level needed. 25% would be far too much for some and is certainly too little for me.

  • That's good to know. So would you go by your FT3 or by how you feel? If FT3 is too high will you then get RT3?

  • MissFG,

    By symptoms and by FT3 which should remain within range. High rT3 can be caused by high FT. FT3 has nothing to do with rT3.

  • Definitely agree with Clutter about the percentage, mine is more than 25% too, but some people need a lot less.

  • MissChris,

    Buy a pillcutter to halve the T3 tablets. You can take 10mcg with your Levothyroxine dose and the second 10mcg dose at bedtime.

  • I've always taken whatever combination I've been prescribed, once daily. It is easier as we have to have an empty stomach as food interferes with the uptake.

    He has dropped 25mcg of levo and given 20mcg of T3 which is about equal to 60mcg of levo, so (and am not medically qualified) I would take levo together with 10mcg of T3 (take pulse/temp before beginning) and going by how you 'feel' increase by 1/4 tablet a week later and if you feel quite well after either increase I'd stop at that dose. If symptoms arise again, take the other 1/4.

    I wish you luck on your new addition.

  • Hi All,

    "Thank you All" for responding to my post. My endo did say that if taking the 20mcg and I experienced palpitations to drop to 10mcg a day. My way of thinking was maybe I should start with 10 a day and if it seems to be going good then increase and see if it is any better. I do have a pill cutter Clutter so I was thinking of taking 5mcg with my levothyroxine in the morning and then taking another 5mcg later in evening. Hopefully this combination is going to be good for me, so fed up trying different meds, brands and having different symptoms with different meds, maybe it's just a case of what I can put up with, I thought armour wasn't that good for me and went back on the levothyroxine and jeeez I didn't realise that the armour was much better than the levothyroxine but am going to try this combination of T4/T3 fingers, legs, eyes crossed 😂😂


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