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Evening all.

Ive noticed a few board members have tried this and wondering ehat the outcome was?

I have just seen my encro Today.

I started treatment back in october and was prescribed 50mg Levo daily, Initially i felt great, Mentally sharp, Full of energy etc however, This gradually faded over the following months and I feel terrible, The brain fog is the worst part for me and getting worse week on week.

I had read this could be related to T3 so mentioned this to my Encro Today.

My T3 was 1.8 so within range but at the lower end - There range is between 1.3 and 3.1 but i have read on here other measurements of this are higher?

I pleaded with him to give me a go on T3 in conjunction with 50mg LEVO - TSH was 4.8 and he reluctantly agreed.

I have been prescribed 10mg Liothyronine in conjunction with the Levo starting tomorrow and im hoping this will alleviate the custard brain although given the cost of close to £300 I will be looking at other T3 alternatives if it works.

If all of this fails I was going to have a go on THIROYD and was after peoples reviews and how they got on, Also if anyone could PM me where they purchased it from that would be great!

Thanks in advance!

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Hi - yes your symptoms are related to t3, but only to the extent that you don't have enough of it. That does not mean that you need to take t3 as a separate medication. 50 of levo is a starter dose only and you should have your blood tested every 6-8 weeks and the dose increased as necessary. That has not been done in your case obviously. It is not a good plan to use t3 or ndt (thyroid is one variety of that) until you are sure that Levo will not work for you. Those others are more troublesome to adjust and dose properly. Further, even if you have a prescription for it now, many CCgs are withdrawing it and you would then have to source and probably test privately.

There are other factors to successfully managing hypo to do with anti-bodies, diet and nutrients. These will all impact on your treatment and use of t3 can be hampered or even impossible, if these are not optimum. The nutrients involved are vit d, vit b12, ferritin and folate. All must be optimum. Also anti- body levels to determine if you have auto-immune thyroiditis (hashimotos). The condition of adrenal glands is also important.

You really shouldn't consider either t3 or ndt until you know and have optimised all of these.

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Oh I should have said be patient, it can take many months to titrate up doses to achieve a good level. This is because it can shock your system if you try to go too quickly.


Where you quote a range for T3 of 1.3 to 3.1, that looks as if it could be Total T3.

Most T3 tests talked about here are Free T3 with a typical range of something like 3.0 to 7.0.

It is important to be sure which test you are quoting! :-)



Total T3 Final and Thyroid function test Final

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Ok to elaborate a little.this is now the third time seeing my Encro along with having bloods done since starting treatment back in October.

I was initially prescribed 50mg in October as my initial bloods showed TSH of 5.97 and free T4 of 13.4 - all other bloodwork was fine such as vitamin B etc.

After starting treatment i felt brand new - like a teenager again - even though im only 35 now.

This however faded gradually to when I saw my doctor again in December when the brain fog started to kick in, When i saw him he noted that my TSH was at the upper allowable limit so upped the dosage of Levo to75mg and i assumed this was what was causing it. The brain fog worsened on the higher dose so after a week i reverted to 50mg again until seeing him yesterday when the results were given in my post above.

I also take daily vitamin supplements of VitD/Calcium and a brain one containing all the relevant B's etc.


"All other blood work was fine..." Just within range is not usually good enough to help thyroid. For instance uk ranges will typically say that 190 is ok for b12, yet anything below 500 can cause many different issues, including brain fog. Also ferritin can be in range at 12, yet a minimum of 70 is required for thyroid. Get the picture? You really need to post all these results if you have them, with their ranges, and we will be able to advise more.

And yes a requirement for a dose increase can be indicated by the return of symptoms. Also, dose increases can initially make you feel slightly worse, especially if all your nutrients are not optimum.

Be careful with calcium supplements as they can actually be dangerous unless you are absolutely sure you need them - usually a problem with parathyroids I have seen. Very few people actually need this and as such it can cause more harm than good.

B vits are important, but don't contain enough b12 to make a difference if you have a deficiency.

You are entitled to copies of all your blood results. Ask your GP receptionist and post results.


my lot much prefer thyroid-s to thiroid but everyone is different


thiroyd was fine for me and 100 t4 was equivalent to 1.5 grains....MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT TAKING VITAMINS WITHIN 4 HOURS OF YOUR MEDS...


I am doing well on thiroyd but then again it is the first and only NDT I have taken so have nothing to compare it to really. Took a good 6-12 months to get my levels OK as was so low when I started medicating but feel loads better now.


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