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First full test results...what next?

Hi there, I've now had 2 lots of tests, and would like some help with what happens next, no diagnosis. I am 58 and well through the menopause. These symptoms have come in the last 2/3 years. My main symptoms are fatigue, depression, poor concentration/foggy, sluggish, no drive, low libido, pressure headaches, aching/painful feet (and now hand....feels tight and swollen), tight calf muscles and stiff ankles (no clear reason for this), generally achey, dizziness, balance issues and losing co-ordination (this feels crazy as I have taught dance and movement classes for 35 years), Puffy eyes, weight gain, can't tolerate alcohol, Hemorrhoids. The one thing I don't have is feeling cold!

TSH Level 3.41 mU/L range 0.3-4.4

Serum free T4 11 pmol/L range 9-19.1

No T3 done

No thyroglobulin done but they did serum globulin? 22 g/L range 22-43

Thyroid Peroxidase 5 IU/mL they stated less than 6 is okay?

Vit D 62 nmol/L they stated over 50 is okay

Folate 12.3 ug/L they stated over 2.4 was fine

Ferritin 67 ug/L range 15-300

CHL 7.5 mmol/L this was all my GP wanted to discuss.

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you are hypothyroid with a tsh of 3.4 and free t4 right at the bottom of its range its likely your gp will try and fob you off with anti depressants DO NOT ACCEPT THEM OR TAKE THEM they will make matters worse

b12 has not been done and that may well be low

when your hypothyroid its vital that ferritin folate b12 and vit d3 all are at least halfway in their ranges

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Sorry I forgot to put my B12 on there

B12 377 ng/L range 180-900


b12 is not too bad but it realy needs to be 600 or more


Best to get your free t3 done as well.

In my experience, NHS won't do anything unless you are out of range.


You likely need some T3. Always get free3 checked. Reverse T3 and thyroid antibodies would be useful too.

Your vitamin D is very low, needed for hormone production, Try 5,000 IUs a day til it gets up to 150.

Try taking methyl12, maybe 1g a day. You can't really overdose, it may help with fatigue.

Get a high quality multivitamin, like Thorne MetaFem. You may need the minerals, antioxidants, or herbs.

Eat a high quality nutrient dense diet. Paleo would be good to try and avoid gluten, corn, and soy. Eat 1-1.4g/kg of protein, lots of nonstarchy vegetables, and abundant healthy fats.

See if any of this helps, then come back for more advice.


Raised cholesterol is a symptom of LOW thyroid hormones ... Years ago - before Thyroid testing came to be in the 70's - people with raised cholesterol were assumed to have low thyroid hormones and were treated accordingly. Those were the days - when you had to poke out your tongue for the GP to check - your neck was palpated - finger nails checked - eyelids pulled down to check for anaemia and so on. Tonics of the GP's own recipe were often prescribed too - no doubt full of iron - the B's :-) 50 years ago Big Pharma did not have a grip on our health systems they have today .... sad but true !


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