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week 45 weigh in

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very dissapointed

i know i shouldnt be but i had such a good week and lost 1lb

all my meals were helthy and consisted of fresh meats and lots and lots of speed veggies

hopefully its a glitch and will show next week if i stay on plan this week

ive seen it happen to another member, she had a great week and a small loss, the following week she lost 6lb so fingers crossed

i know im struggling with thyroid and adrenals and that will slow the losses down but just feel really down about it this week

but on a good note it was a loss

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1 lb is over 3,000 calories so that is awesome weight loss 😊. Stick with it. You are doing great.

after the downers you have had the past couple of weeks you should be dancing on the table , a loss is ALWAYS a loss --- and you was expecting a gain --- so you must have done something better for YOU ..... keep going and keep the faith you will get there .....alan xx

btw ..... table dancing is ok , but no tap dancing ---- you will fall in the sink !!!!!!

ill skip dancing on the table, i wouldnt want to fall lol

you are right though a loss is a loss even though i wanted more after a good week, maybe it will show next week

ill remember the advice on tap dancing incase i get a good loss next week lol

in reply to mandy72

just think of the exercise from the table dancing you could have fun with !!!!! .....forget what you would want , look at what you have achieved --- I want to win the lottery EVERY WEEK , but i'm still waiting !!!!---- from little acorns great oak trees grow ...... keep on keeping it going your likal ones AND hubby lufs you no matter what !!!!!

i can do a low table, trouble is my activity tracker is shot and dont measure steps so id never know how much i actually did lol

ill keep going and accept the gains and cherish the losses

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