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I have just had the report back from my blood test to test my level of T3. My own doctor does not check T3 so I have gone private and done a test. My result is 4.48 and for what I understand this is within the 'normal' range. From other users of this forum can I ask your opinion on this result. I am going to see my doctor on Monday where she will have my latest TSH and T4 result and I just wNted to ensure I am going fully armed with all knowledge. Thank you

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  • If you post the ranges of the T3 it will be helpful to give a response. The reason is that throughout the UK labs have different ranges and it makes it easier to comment.

  • 3.1 - 6.8 is what this lab States as the 'normal range' and my result was 4.8

    Thank you for your help

  • Philly2478, if you left 24 hours between last dose and blood draw the result is good. You can extrapolate +20% to get an estimated normal circulating level of 5.76 which is well within the top third of range considered ideal.

  • Hello Clutter, yes I did indeed leave 24 hours from last levothyroxine and did blood test before taking next tablet as thanks to this forum link I had read the importance of not taking blood before leaving a 24 hour gap from last tablet. This site is so good in helping people to get the best answers and advice. Thank you for your reply

  • The most important question is : how do you feel? If you feel good, then that result is good for you. If you feel bad, then you need an increase. Blood tests are just a guide, they're not set in stone.

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