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Super chilled and good news

Hi Guys

Update following my colonoscopy....NO CANCER, NO POLYPS etc. Just internal haemorrhoid's grade 2/ Feeling super chilled after the deep sedation and oxygen thanks to the fantastic nurses and surgeon at Westbury Clinic. Very relieved and feeling lucky, also can't remember a thing....had Buscopan (20mg) Midazolam (1.5mg) and Pethidine (50mg)...worked a treat. No pain afterwards and have lost a few lbs to boot.

Blood test booked for Monday to check everything, especially my thyroid levels as still very fatigued. Apart from that all well as can be expected. Hope this meets you all well and to anyone fearing colonoscopy I can vouch it's not as bad as anticipated.

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That's encouraging news and best of all that you have no problems.

Just make sure your thyroid tests are fasting and, if on thyroid hormones, allow 24 hours gap between last dose and the test.


That feeling when you have been living with the dread of "that" diagnisis, and then it is negative cannot be described, like someone has reinvented the world! It is such a brilliant feeling, and I vowed to make every minute a good minute. Of course it does not last, but I remind myself occasionally! Congratulations, and hope everything goes from strength to strength from now on! Hug.

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Thanks, hug back at ya x


what about magnesium? How much are you getting? What are your values?


I don't know. But I think I get quite a bit in my natural diet. What is the estimated daily allowance?


about 600mg. there are lots of types of magnesium ie magnesium oxide, magnesium citrate, magnesium sulphate.etc

best off with magnesium chloride transdermal. Just rub it on

and it is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Excellent uptake. (holland and barrett) or healthfood shop.

Had piles and constipation for most of my life (at 70) started

on magnesium and within days the constipation went and

with it the piles. A godsend. Magnesium is so important it

facilitates hundreds of functions including the proper

absorption of calcium(vital).

The blood test doesn't measure magnesium properly it only

measures the 1% in the blood? not the organs, and tissues in other words the 99% elsewhere in the body, including the heart.

because the test is wrong how can a doctor know without a proper test? he/she can't...

and considers a health issue as a disorder needing tablets .

so now there are two issues to deal with the lack of proper

magnesium and the side effects of a drug treatment that

is given for a disorder caused by magnesium deficiency?

Crazy. A whole body test has been discovered in a New York

university but few doctors know of it there and its not available here.

Why are chronic diseases on the rise costing the NHS and the

patients more and more money? Don't they have any cures?

So why 10 million people suffer from very painful arthritis?

and 15 million from some kind of mental problem 15 million

and diabetes asthma another 10 million etc etc.

That means patients on multiple tablets for life !!!

and yet these disease are curable ? who is making money from

all that disease? I don't take any tablets and learned recently

I am in the 7% of people who take no drugs over 50.

Acidity causes inflammation which causes sore joints and

other illnesses caused by acid forming foods.

you can avoid the chronic illness fate suffered by so many

by learning about and looking after you own health...

best wishes....


Fabulous! What a relief for you. Blessings xx

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