Sister also having problems and GP says wait another 12 months

Sister also having problems and GP says wait another 12 months

Hi All,

Having commenced treatment with Levothyroxine, I am now on 50mcgs and I am due to get retested and see the endo on 24 Feb. So I'm waiting to see if my FT4 and FT3 have risen. I have been hammering the B12 (patches, sublingual lozenges) and my foot neuropathy has improved a little. No other observable changes. However this post is about my sister.

She was called in for a 'well-woman' type healthcheck, and has been noted as having a high TSH, but told this will just be watched and to come back in 12 months. Because she knows about my journey, she asked about having her Hashi antibodies tested and they are going to do that for her. I've also said she needs to have her FT3 tested, ferritin, folate, D, B12 and have pointed her to Blue Horizon +11. Looking at her results, not only does her TSH look high, but her FT4 is is also low - why on earth do they say wait 12 months?

She has resistant weight gain and is always tired, has poor skin and thin eyebrows. Her hair is not falling out but has gone dry and damaged. Sounds familiar!! Interestingly her profile is different to mine in that she has the high TSH while mine is low and I have more of a hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal signalling issue.

Do others on here have hypothyroidism in the family? My Dad had a goiter when young, though my Mum is very fit and well with no signs. Thanks for reading.

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  • She should change her doctor. He is obviously waiting till her TSH is 10 - and it is 6.8 at present, nearly 2 points above the top of the range. It also states Abnormal on the print-out.

    As you say FT4 is low, so how much FT3 is circulating - probably little. This is a link and you'll see why both Frees are important to know.

    She should tick off her symptoms:

  • Thanks for your advice shaws and for the links. I'll let her know not to put up with it. She's very stoical and doesn't like to complain but I can tell she's struggling.

  • Aunt overactive surgery, uncle very large goitre surgery (mum's sis and bro), my sister and myself underactive. Suspicions way back about other females, small goitres, again on mum's side of the family.

    I have a friend underactive along with her husband and two of their three children.

    I agree, your sis should change her doctor, pronto!

  • Thanks that's really interesting. I will get her mobilised!

  • shaws and MissLillyskisses are right. Your sister needs treatment now not in 12 months. If she were in America, she'd be treated if her TSH was >3. A Blue Horizon +11 will give her lots of information and hopefully allow her to go back to her GP and begin levo.

    Her GP is a clueless sadist, but then, so are most in the UK, where thyroid conditions are concerned :x

  • I have to agree....I was told to come back in 12 months too as I was 'normal' but I had only gone to see my GP because I was so desperate and felt like I was dying. How can they be so cruel and oblivious when this is so common and so debilitating and yet so treatable !?

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