Perplexed taking 25pgx2 &100Thyroxone and all Vitamins suggested and still no weight loss

Perplexed taking 25pgx2 &100Thyroxone and all Vitamins suggested and still no weight loss


I am a bit perplexed I 25pg at 10am and also B12 sublingual, B complex, B12 D2 and Magnesium . Then 100 mg Thyroxine evenings, hoping the into

To T3 would have helped me to loose some weight.

Don't know what to do from here?

Posting my last results thanks all for the awesome support.

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  • Sorry, I can't really understand your list of things you're taking. What is 25 pg?

    Your FT3 is much too low for you to lose weight. It's right at the bottom of the range. You would probably need it right up the top. Are you saying you're taking T3? Sorry, can't work it out. If you are, I think you need an increase. If your not, your levo needs increasing.

  • Yes T3 it says on back of blisterpack 25pg these come from Greece . I will increase the T3 and see if it helps thanks so much

  • You're welcome. :)

  • MIckeyrow If it is UniPharma T3 I think you will find it says ug and the u has a little tail underneath. That is what is on mine and it means mcg.

    How much T3 are you actually taking? Your post title says 2 but your post says you take 1 at 10am. So are you taking a total of 50 or just 25?

    With your supplements, are you taking B12 sublingual plus another B12? Is your Vit D actually D2 as you've said because it should be D3 and are you taking K2-MK7 alongside your Vit D?

  • Spot on.

    Greek letter mu = µ

    Three ways to write the unit microgram which is one millionth of a gram:

    microgram = mcg = µg

  • Thanks Helvella, I don't have that symbol on my keyboard so had to describe it as best I could :)

  • That is what I thought. Easiest way for me is to use Microsoft Word - use the Insert Symbol option, if you have it installed, and copy ans paste it into the HU response box.

  • Hello Seaside Susie YES it is Unifarm T3 and has u symbol apologies for my poor post and eyesight.

    In the morning

    1 HRT tablet ; 1 5000mcg sublingual methylcobalamin ;

    1 x Vitamin B complex with added C Vitamin;

    1x Magnesium Oxide 500

    1x Vitamin K2 Mk7

    1 x Vitamin D3 5000iu

    I take 1 x 25ug T3 at 10am and another 1 x 25ug T 3 at 13:30

    Evening - 100mg Thyroxine

    Thanks again :)

  • For your magnesium supplement, please check the different forms here, you might want to change to a different one

    How long have you been on 100mcg Levo plus 50mcg T3?

    It appears that those results posted above are from 2 months ago when you were taking 1 x 25mcg T3 plus 75mcg Levo. They are irrelevant to the doses you are currently taking. You could do with up to date tests when you've been on your current dose for 6-8 weeks.

  • Thanks Susie I have recently probably in the last 2 weeks upped the Levo. I will look at changing the Magnesium thanks so much. I have upped the T 3 from 1 Tablet to 2 again only in the last couple of weeks because no change with 1 T3 tablet not even 1 ounce

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