Help with latest results please

Just received these results

Tsh 0.022. 0.27-4.20

Free thyroxine 16.56. 12.00-22.00

Free t3. 6.94. 3.10-6.80

I have been taking 100 mcg of levo and 25 of t3 since the beginning of December. For the last 2 weeks I have been feeling slightly over medicated as I am aware of some trembling returning 😏 I am assuming I need to decrease my t3 dose? By how much?

I am feeling better than I was but am struggling with over heating all the time. Even if I do the smallest thing I sweat profusely this is very embarrassing and becoming life limiting. My hair is constantly soaked through and sweat dripping off my nose if I try to do anything. After doing housework I look like I have been in the sauna, is this a medication thing? I am currently supplementing with gentle iron, 5000 sub lingual b12, b complex, d3 2000 and k2 100mcg. Do other people have the same? I don't think it's a menapausal thing as I went through the change about 10 years ago?

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  • Yes I think you are slightly overmedicated. Tsh v low, t3 above range. It's a bit trial and error, but I'd try decreasing by a quarter of a t3 tablet i.e. 6.25 mcg (equiv approx 19 mcg of Levo) but others might have better ideas.

  • skelly82 I agree with beh1. I would try a reduction of 6.25mcg T3. A bit of a faff cutting up the tablet but I manage quarters with a decent pill cutter. I've just added an extra quarter tablet and it's made a difference. Sometimes just a small tweak is all that is needed.

    Don't worry about your TSH being low, it will be when taking T3. Mine is 0.005.

    As you're taking D3, as well as K2 you need magnesium, it's another I important co-factor

  • Thanks for the reply I thought that was probably what to do next😊 My pill cutter just seems to crumble the half tablets instead of cutting into quarters, I will have to try and find a better one.

    Eek more supplements! Are there different strengths of magnesium? I think I'm keeping amazon going‼️

  • For magnesium, from the following link, see which form best suits you then just follow whatever the suggested dose is on the pack:

    I have this pill cutter and find that bringing the blade down with a light touch gives the best results. Occasionally I get a half that doesn't quite divide equally in two but most are fine

  • Thanks so much for your help I will check them both out👍🏻

  • You're very welcome :)

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