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Soy Oil in Selenium Supplement - Cause of Muscle Pain At Night?

I'm still learning about everything hypo and only just got a prescription from GP for levo, had BH blood tests which indicate Hashi's.

So, in my quest to get me feeling good again and in anticipation of levo, I am like most people on here, looking at diet (harsh GF) and taking supplements to get levels good, if not optimum. Though not to the extent I am over dosing ;)

I already take B12 complex, C and Zinc, and have added D3, K2 and B12 (bought online and checked the quality). But at the weekend I picked up some Selenium from the UK high street Supplement outlet. I took this with evening meal and have had leg muscle pain at night from hips right down the back of leg - last night woke me up.

So I checked the labels only to find that the selenium (absorbable) I picked up in town contains SOY BEAN OIL, and the label also states contributes to 'normal thyroid function'. Am I being over reactive or could that be the cause?

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Forgot to say that I've not actually started on levo, so I know it's not that.


Yes, it could be. And soy oil most certainly will not contribute to 'normal thyroid function' - but they probably meant the selenium, not the oil.


Thanks greygoose, yes hadn't thought of it like that! I've not experienced quite such type or extent of pain like before.

No doubt there will be other hurdles I trip over - I can see why there is supplement brand loyalty now ☺. It really is the case of ALWAYS READ THE LABELS.


Oh, always, always read the labels! :)




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