Where can I get bovine NDT?

I went to see a London endo privately on Thursday who is apparently on the TUK doctors list and he suggested either T3 or NDT as a possible course of treatment. He said it could help a bit. It didn't inspire me with confidence when he said it could help a bit but I can see why as he might want to proceed with caution. I have since emailed him to ask him what he means. He was talking about the cost too and perhaps he thinks the results won't justify the cost? Anyway, if I do need to take it I am wondering what my options are for bovine NDT?

He said he could write a prescription for bovine NDT, I think he said Nature Throid? but how much does it cost in the UK? Also, do I need a prescription or can it be obtained from elsewhere without a prescription and cheaper?

I'd appreciate any advice or help. Thank you.

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  • Serendipitous,

    NatureThroid and most prescription NDT brands are derived from pig thyroid. It is worth comparing prices with different pharmacies as price can vary. There is a list of online pharmacies who will supply NDT with a prescription in this link thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/treatm...

    Bovine NDT ThyroGold is available from naturalthyroidsolutions.com... It doesn't require a prescription because it doesn't declare the amount of active T4 and T3 contained.

  • Serendipitious,

    I'd go further, I don't remember ever seeing even a single bovine sourced prescription quality desiccated thyroid. Certainly Nature-Throid and its stable mates are porcine.

    The choice of porcine source was established in the tail end of the 1890s and very early 1900s. Things like lack of large seasonal variation were important. Cows are very seasonal.

    Has there been a mistake in communication somewhere? Easily done.

    As Clutter rightly says, there is ThyroGold.

  • Thank you for finally explaining to me why porcine thyroid is preferred over bovine (and ovine, I imagine)...I have always wanted to know!

  • You might be interested, at least very slightly, in one of the very first posts I put up here, over six years ago. (That will mean it is well and truly forgotten!)


  • Thanks again:-)

  • He was probably reluctant to prescribe UK T3 as it is exhorbitantly expensive and many doctors have been told not to prescribe T3, and it has particularly upset many who have recovered their health with the addition of T3.

    There are other T3s available and you could add some to your T4.

    The British Thyroid Association and the RCoP have made false statements about NDT even if it was successfully used worldwide for nearly 100 years. It does contain all of the hormones a healthy gland would produce. As Clutter and helvella are correct about 'bovine' as all are porcine but maybe your Endocrinologist isn't aware of that.


    Thyro-gold was invented by Dr Lowe who wrote the above Rebuttal to the BTA etc. so that it could be bought without prescription.

  • Thank you everybody for the replies. I think the Professor may have got his wires crossed as you say. I'm sure he said something along the lines of Naturethroid. Oh well. Also, he did say that Liothyronine is extremely expensive now in the UK and I think it will cost even more getting it from the clinic I went to. Something I want to avoid.

    I will have to rethink my options after I receive his reply. It all seems quite frightening transitioning from Levothyroxine to anything else. I suppose its because its an unknown and also I suffered some terrible side effects from trying a few capsules of Adrenavive iii last month.

  • Just to make sure you know, there are brands of food supplement desiccated thyroid made from bovine thyroid tissue. The universal problem is that we don't know how much, if any, thyroid hormone is present. Nor if it is consistent.

    One make is Nutri Thyroid which is all too often confused with Nature-Throid. However, because it is sold as a food supplement there is no need for a prescription.

  • Nature Throid cost me £70 for a 3 months supply at 1 grain a day from a private GP.

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