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should I be concerned about what nasties end up in bovine/porcine NDT?

Does anyone know if the thyroid gland stores up chemicals from the body? I am looking in to switching from Nutri Thyroid (from grass fed New zealand cows) to Thyroid S (Thai made using porcine).

The only reason I am switching is that I need a LOT of Nutri Thyroid per day and the cost, along with other supplements, is not sustainable for me. I live in Thailand and am concerned that the chemical/antibiotic/GM use in farming here is pretty heavy, coupled with less stringent testing. Should I be concerned what ends up in the dessicated thyroid?

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Not as far as I know


When I was investigating ndt I almost ordered thyroid s but then I saw a list of the ingredients on sttm and decided against it. Instead I opted for the other thai ndt - thiroyd. My reasoning for this was that there was no aluminium or host of artificial colourings in this as far as I was aware. I have been taking this brand for around 6 months now. I am not aware of the quality control surrounding the porcine raw ingredient but in absence of other options went for this.


You probably need to take a lot of nutri thyroid as I believe it doesn't contain thyroid hormones but is support for the thyroid gland. A previous post.


I've gone with Thiroyd too. I feel there's a point where I am just having to go with/take what my body desperately needs and not worry about the factors I can't control. I have no idea what 'extras' I am getting. I would assume that residue of antibiotics or GH would be fairly small as presumably other parts of the animals would also absorb them not just the thyroid.

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Hogie82, I didnt see aluminium in the ingredient list!! I just received from Thyroid S manufacturer Siprasit this list of titanium dioxide another name for aluminium?! :


Corn starch


*Isopropyl alcohol

Colloidal silicon dioxide

Sodium starch glycolate

Magnesium stearate

Methacrylic acid




Titanium dioxide

Polyethylene glycol

*Purified water




Brilliant blue

Sunset yellow

*Removed during process.

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Titanium dioxide is used to make mixtures white, and is not aluminium. I don't see any thyroid hormone in this list - is it a list of the 'inactive ingredients' perhaps?


I only know that the liver is the organ which ends up having to deal with any chemical that we ingest. I also remember reading that aluminium gets deposited in our brain.

We eat and drink things which we don't always know exactly what they contain but we do like milk for instance. Nobody thinks of the growth hormones in this common part of our daily diet. In short, if we start worrying about everything we put in our mouth, we'll most probably stop eating altogether.


I think it is safe to say that they are all produced under strict regulations and it is really down to what suits us individually and the cost of course.

On the humorous side.....years ago I cut a cartoon out of my newspaper ( I wish I knew how to send it)

It is of a man leading his wife out of a surgery on a dogs lead( she is crawling along )

He is telling a passer by..... " The Doctor thinks it's hormone deficiency.....the Vet thinks it's Mad Cow disease"

This was before I started my own journey.....must have been having some symptoms though to have made me laugh!!!


As others have intimated, it is the 'fillers' in Thy S that you might find you react to, rather than the animal extract. I used it quite successfully for a couple of years, but in the end efficacy tailed away. Although that has happened, pretty much, with everything I've tried, there was a suggestion that it might have been the fillers.

Interested, however, to learn that Thailand leans heavily on chemical/technological farming.

I never tried thiroyd. Perhaps I should. Be interested to know how you go on with it, if you decide to try it.

Be aware, Thyroid S is pukka natural dessicated thyroid hormone, rather than a thyroid support preparation - although some say it is not as strong as the scrip-only branded NDTs, eg, Armour.

Good luck :-)

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The only mineral that I know is stored up by the thyroid gland is iodine and... in fact.. most NDT products contain just a smidge of iodine.

I have used almost every NDT product 'out there', including thyroid S and thiroyd. One new NDT from overseas is TR-Tman. It has pretty good reviews and should be available from the same sources as the thyroid S and thiroyd. I have no first hand knowledge of the TR product.

I would think it would be prudent for you to do your home work and research the reviews of these three. If you decide to experiment, just order the lowest quantity of the three and give them a 2 - 3 week trial period and see how you do. There are fans of all three products. Thyroid-S is my least favorite because of all the additives. lol...

all that in a little pill?

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