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NDT shortage and where to get some!!!

Hi all,

I usually take nature throid sourced from Vanuatu and I have prescriptions for np throid (private ones, prefer nature throid though to be honest) but, as many will know both are in short supply at the moment. Can anyone pm me with resources or alternatives until this sorts itself out? I’m very very low on tablets and a bit worried. Also I need to keep costs fairly low, armour in my experience, tends to be really expensive.

Thanks 🙏😊

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Morning BB

We are all having this problem, just praying that we are able to source asap

Wishing you a peaceful good day x


Not heard of that supplier? You will be asked to edit your post as we don’t usually say where we get our stash from 🤣

I only know of two websites, I will pm you.



Really? I’ve not named them... that’s just the country, isn’t that ok?


Sorry - haven’t heard of it?


I think it’s near Australia, no worries, just wanted to make sure


I don't think just having that country as a top level domain necessarily means that they are in that country


I don’t know the business chain, I just know it’s a Vanuatu website and it takes ages to get here. I point it out as I know others use the place and will probably recognise it from this country


Thanks to everyone who has pm’d me by the way, you are all so kind! I’ll respond later, just going into work. Much love xxx

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Hello. Can you PM the info to me as well that you received? Thank you!


It doesn't come from the island of Vanuatu, the bus is just registered there. Just for laughs get on Google Earth and have a look at the island. Unless the office is located under a banana tree I do not see any dwelling place that could hold a desk to register anything. Perhaps they have a yacht moored in a lagoon somewhere. But, whatever, it all works very well.


With all due respect I don’t understand why people are getting hung up on the vanatu thing, it’s really not what I’m bothered about but mentioning means people know where I’m talking about and aren’t recommending it. Vanatu is beautiful, It’s a place I’ve always wanted to go - if it helps rest people minds I think, THINK, I don’t KNOW, that it is sent from New Zealand. By all means if you have recommendations of NDT resources tho you can pm me because that is what my post is about


Hi Hellybaybee, sorry, I wasn't running down Vanuatu or at least I didn't mean to, it's actually my plan B if everything goes pear shaped for me. The Vanuatu route is just fine for T3/NDT don't be put off by my thoughtless post. xxx


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