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Help with NDT and antibodies

Hi, i was borderline hypo - TSH 2.5, T4 10, T3 10 and started on NDT, i gradually increased but then increased too much - i became hyper. I have now reduced my NDT and my results are improving after 7 weeks. However, gradually since starting NDT my antibody levels have been rising - even before i was hyper. I am also taking iodine and selenium.

Is the NDT having a negative effect? Should i change to levo?

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I have Hashi's. NDT had a negative effect on me. I think it put me into a Hashi attack for entire time I took it. I was in great pain with TMJ and Trigeminal neuragia. My antibodies doubled too.

SInce going back to T4 and T3 the pain has disappeared and the Hashi attack is over.

Have you any new symptoms?


No, i wouldn't have even known if i hadn't tested. I am self treating as my GP said i was border line hypo and refused to test anything other than TSH ( which was borderline) and T4 9 (which was low). So i then tested and T3 was low etc.

I am wondering what to do now?? i guess maybe i have to go visit my GP and hope she is understanding....

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At some point (I guess) with Hashi's, you will have an attack. It's just whether this is an expected attack or one is on the way that has been induced by the NDT.

Personally, if I felt okay, I'd continue taking whatever I felt well on. I was so unwell on NDT.

You can buy T3 online too.

I'm not sure whether taking iodine is a good idea or not unless you've been tested and are deficient. I still don't understand iodine and Hashi's so I hope someone will step in and be helpful on that.

Did you go staight to NDT? A fairly high percantage of Hashi's do very well on Levo. NDT and T3 tend to be the second stop shop for people who just aren't recovering on levo.

I've also gone gluten free. It's recommended for Hashi's sufferers as it can reduce antibodies. It's easier than I thought too - so we'll see.



It could be the iodine which is raising antibodies. Iodine isn't recommended for Hashi patients because it can increase Hashi flares and symptoms.

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hi yes i know i did start on high dose iodine for that reason. I was taking iodine for about 8 months before i started NDT and my antibodies were lower.

of interest my antibodies were this high 2 years ago when i was tested - so maybe its just a fluctuation?

i am going to try reducing NDT and adding T3


Sorry, I don't understand. You knew iodine raised antibody levels so you took it for 8 months?

At what point were your antibodies lower?


Sometimes iodine can make antibodies worse. Best not to take iodine unless you have been tested and shown to be deficient. Are you gluten-free? Other foods that sometimes spark antibody attacks are dairy and night shades. If you have hashis, you might not have been overmedicated but just had a Hashi flare where your dying thyroid dumps lots of hormone into the blood stream, giving hyper symptoms. I've heard that keeping TSH suppressed can help with that.


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