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Hi guys, just wondered what the average NDT dose for a woman is? I'm at five grains of Nature Throid. Was settled at two grains after initial introduction to NDT and this held me for about six months (I began with .5 grains and gradually raised to 2) Anyway following this , I began to see a return of symptoms, and over the last year, have raised gradually to five and settled there comfortably. However, now the cold weather is upon us, I've started to feel tired and occasionally cold again, so trying a quarter grain more. Just thought this sounded a lot. Never had hyper symptoms apart from once in the early days when I took my tablet twice by mistake. I weigh 10.10,

Any advice ?

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  • Femme, 3-5 grains seems to be the average dose required. This means that some people will be on considerably less while others require considerably more. People need what they need.

    It is a good idea to have periodic thyroid blood tests to check you aren't overmedicating. Overmedication can also cause fatigue. Post your results with the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after your results) and members will advise.

  • Going to have to save for blood tests because my gp doesn't agree I even have a thyroid problem even after Dr Skinners diagnosis, and she wouldn't honour his prescription either. Nightmare. When they do test I only receive a ft4 and TSH. They did bloods at Dr Skinners request once, but after he died, they said he must have been prescribing NDT for another condition lol . Thanks for the advice, and when I get some bloods done,will certainly post :)

  • You really have to Wonder about their logic, sometimes. Or is just that they think we're so stupid we'll believe anything? Did you ask her if you were now cured of the other condition that he prescrbed NDT for? And could she do the blood work to prove it?

    I got up to 6 grains of Armour - before the change in the formula - went up slowly, and it never did anything for me. Still felt unwell and put on a ton of weight - almost literally! lol

    As Clutter said, you need what you need. There is no reason to conform to what others are doing - even if your doctor thinks there is. Take what you need until your symptoms are gone. Once upon a time, that was the ethos of thyroid hormone replacement. Those days are gone!!!

    Hugs, Grey

  • Thanks Grey :)

    Beggars belief I know, but I've accepted I have to make myself well now. That's why these forums are a godsend ! :)

  • :D

  • Before the blood tests were introduced, people dosed until they were well with no signs of overstimulation. You may be one of those persons who do need a higher dose of thyroid hormones.

    The dose of thyroid hormones before the 1960's was between 200mcg and 400mcg and some doctors believe the doses prescribed nowadays are too low.

  • Hi Shaws, yes, last time I saw Dr Skinner he said I should listen to my body re dosing as I would know when I had too much etc. The once I made a mistake and took too much I felt weak and trembly like the flu. Never had that since. Don't get palpations or go to the toilet more either. Just the odd hypo symptom creeping through. I agree with the suck it and see method, just thought it seemed a high dose to keep me upright and awake. Lol :)

  • As long as the dose keeps you upright - your on the right amount :)

  • Thanks guys x

  • The only reference I've read is that most do well on two grains but I know there are some on this forum who take much more like you do. I've also wondered how much of the hormones become free rather than bound, since the free portions are active. I think these articles on Deiodinases explains the transport system of thyroid hormone which may have a lot to do with arriving at the dose you require.


  • Thanks Heloise, I'll have a read when I get home :)

  • I take 5 grain of Nature Throid plus 25mcg Cytomel (T3) and I don't feel in the least over medicated x

  • Phew, good to know that I'm not alone in ingesting at this level :) x

  • I have been afraid to take more but reading this makes me know Prob I am one of those people who could stand a bit extra. Only one time did I over do it but I could not remember if it was stress or taking my pills twice. Sometimes I think that one pill might have a bit more meds in it. Nothing is perfect is it. So as of today I will have a little increase, because I too have felt the weather playing with my body and emotions. Once it got cold I started to itch but today I am ok. Got two pills under my tongue right now.

    I a,so,think I have trouble with co version. I have an appointment for FNA on Monday. Scared ....... Yes, I am only human. Good luck honey

  • Good luck to you too. Re two pills under the tongue , I darwnt do them at once, mind mine are two grain tabs, so I spread them over three doses x

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