switching from levothyroxine to Nature throid

Itook levothyroxine for almost four years after having a complete thyroidectomy. Due to the constant symptoms of hypothyroidism I experienced no matter how often levo dose was increased or lowered ( ranging from 100mg to 175 ) in desperation I went to see a private endo who put me on Nature throid which I began taking on 14th of December last, starting with 2 grains daily then upping that to 3 grains a week ago. I know it's early days but I'd welcome hearing from anyone who's made the switch from levo to nature throid. I've certainly not felt good and so far have felt spaced out, dizzy and tired a lot of the time, sometimes slightly sick just after swallowing med, but the upside has been the awful depression I experienced on and off for past four years seems to have lifted .

sometimes I wonder if i'll ever feel like 'me' again.


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  • In October 2015 I had my thyroid removed prior to this I wasn't on any medication. I took Levo for around 7 months and felt worse by the week, aches and pains in my legs etc.etc. I then switched to NDT and now I feel well again. I started in June with 1 grain and gradually increased to 3 grains per day. This was too much for me, my FT3 blood test was over the limit and I was feeling unwell. I am now on 2 grains per day. I take one at 6.30am and the other at 2pm. I weigh 135lbs. I am happy to feel 85% of my old self thanks to advice on this site.

  • I can't imagine how you must have been feeling prior to your thyroid being removed? can you tell me how it came about? e.g. why did they decide to remove your thyroid rather than just treat it with medication? what were your symptoms that made the medics decide to remove? and how did you feel when they told you that your thyroid needed to be removed? I am genuinely interested.

  • I was living I spain at the time when I discovered a soft lump in my neck and saw a private doctor immediately who had scanning facilities at his surgery. I was told one nodule showed up sinister and advised to get a biopsy done. this was done at a local private hospital, and I was booked in for a thyroidectomy two weeks later. afterwards when the autobiopsy showed up nothing, it seemed surgery may have been uneccesary . I was given no medication other than levo.

    if this had happened in England I would have taken legal action, but did not feel able to take on Spanish medical system and returned to England instead. incidentally the hospital changed hands shortly afterwards.

  • I switched from very high dose Levo to NDT ( not same brand as you ) and am currently on 4 grains. It has transformed my life. I have not had any adverse symptoms since the switch. Have you had a look to see if there are fillers in your brand? It's quite possible you could be reacting to a filler and may do better on an alternative brand of NDT?

  • Omg.....I am trying to get my doctor to do anything else but levothyroxine because it clashes with the other meds I take also. I wonder if levothyroxine is just a bad drug in general. Alot of people are having so many side affects of it.

  • This sounds very familiar up to the point that your brand of NDT has failed to return you to something approaching decent health. I doubt the need to have increased your dose from 2 to 3 grains per day based upon what you say. You need to query your medic on the need to have done that as the symptoms you describe could very well be associated with you being overdosed.

  • I switched. I am on low dose. I feel so down and anxious. Seeing pc tomorrow.

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