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Well, I gave T3 my best shot for 3 years now...as the crow flies, recently added back in T4 (only 50mcgs per day, which is something I thought I would never, ever do!) for the last 5 weeks now and without making this a long post am thinking since I now have been diagnosed with the latest "side effect" of this disease...fibromyalgia...(!) it could not hurt me to try something I never tried before which is NDT/Amour. But where to get it? Anyone know where I can buy it on the internet? I am now age 60 and being sick with Hashi's for 20 years, enough really is enough! Anyone know a supplier? Thank you!

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  • MSC56,

    Armour is the most expensive brand. You might want to try the less expensive brands before trying Armour.

  • I use the NDT brands from Thailand and they are excellent. I find NDT to be great for me, I seem to be a weirdo on that synthetic stuff, I don't trust it.

  • I am 67.I have been diagnosed underactive since 1997.I was on T4 until 2015.Been on T3-only since then.Much improved apart from hair getting thinner & thinner,until anxiety & depression came on after 2 trials of NDT(Thiroid brand)in April & August.I have read somewhere that T4 can be problematic if a person has been on T3-only for a while.Reverse T3?Adrenal insufficiency can cause issues & then there is SHBG.

    Have you looked into LDN for fibromyalgia?Gluten free?Have you got Hashi's?Or have you had your thyroid removed.I am PMing you a supplier of NDT

  • Just for information:-


  • That is great Shaw, thank you. Dr. Lowe's book on Fibromylgia is costly at $139. wonder why it is so high? Everything else very helpful and if I can get the money up, yes, will get it. Thanks again!

  • It was £800 last year + but as he's died now, I assume it''s fortunate that there is still some bookds available but I think it is mainly a 'studious tome for student'/sdoctors who are interest in fibro. He was also an Adviser to Thyroiduk.org.uk before his accidental death.




  • Wow, £800. What book costs that much?? I have to say that is a bit shocking. His accidental death? How did he die? I remember when he did die but can't recall how. Basically when you are not being treated with the thyroid meds right and all else fibro happens and this confirms my own ideas about this. I am not on my "optimum" treatment. So thanks again for helping me Shaws and answering my questions and all the links. :-)

  • I think it is more than a 'book' must have taken years. It might be more like a reference book one sees in a library (I haven't seen it myself of course). Specialists should read it but most are diagnosing some symptoms as something 'apart' from a connection with the thyroid gland....hormones...........

    As far as I've read, when everyone was diagnosed due to their clinical symptoms alone and treated with NDT (no blood tests available then nor levo) there was no CFS. Fibro of ME.


    When our TSH doesn't 'fit' nowadays but we have clear symptoms we are diagnosed with something other than the real cause. The pharmaceutical companies also make more profits as we are prescribed 'other' prescriptions for the remaining/new symptoms without getting to the root cause.

  • I have just read that his book took 10 years to do. This is his last interview with Dr Mark Swanson when very ill after his accident:-

    Unfortunately I couldn't access his interview with Dr Swanson. This is a little bit of Dr L's accident: I couldn't access any links of this interview. This is from his widow Tammy.

    "What final words can I offer to you all at this sad time? For those of you who knew him personally, who spoke with him on the phone, who met him face-to-face,shook his hand or offered a hug in gratitude - you will join our daughter Michele and me in sorrow as we face this tragic loss together. For those of youwho never had the privilege to know my husband personally, but read hiswritings, just know that he believed in his research and hoped that someday the TSH testing would be abandoned as the standard practice for thyroid health andthat healthcare would return to the science-based treatment that it should be. Remember the scientist that he was and continue to share his work with otherswho need it. Remember his voice for those who felt they were never heard whenthey were in need of direction. Remember the extraordinary man that he was andhelp me maintain his everlasting presence. "

    This is a typed transcription of Dr L's interview: (link wont work) but cursor down to read the interview:


  • Thanks again Shaws! :-)

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