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Advice switching from NDT to T3 please!

Hello all,

I have been taking NDT (Nature-Throid) for the past 6 months and it has made a huge difference to my energy levels- I was virtually unable to get out of bed before. However, I am now on 5 grains which I think is the maximum you can take and I still don't feel anywhere near my old pre-hypothyroid self. I still need a daily nap to get me through the day and the lethargy is never far away.

I am self-medicating as my GP would not listen to me or my concerns and told me T3 was off limits on the NHS. With this in mind, can anyone tell me where I can source T3 and does anyone have any advice as to how I can start taking it safely? From the NDT I'm currently taking I'm on about 45mcg of T3 and 190mcg of T4. I just want to get back to the old me and the NHS seems gung ho on not helping me!!!

Thankyou in advance,


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For whatever it's worth...I am taking 8 grains of NDT (ca 300 mcg of T4 and 72 mcg of T3) daily, with no ill effects whatsoever. If I decrease the dose, it does not take more than a couple of days until I start feeling more sluggish. On 5 grains daily, both my FTs were lowish (bottom of range).

My doctor in Belgium has patients on 10 grains of NDT.


May I ask, how do you take 8 gr daily, at once or multidose?


All at once, and so far without problems. So far, I have been taking it in the morning, but have been thinking about taking it at bedtime instead, as the body is said to secrete more T3 during the night than during the day...some take it at bedtime and think it works better that way, so it could be worth a try.

Taking NDT this way works for me, but someone else may prefer to spread it out throughout the day. I take it this way mainly because it's more convenient than multi dosing and, since it does not have any adverse effects on me, I'd prefer to keep it that way.

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Probable your fT3 is sky high but if you feel good it only what matters.


Yes, I know...but I currently take Thyroid-S, and it does not seem to peak like other brands of NDT I have tried in the past...possibly because it contains a sustained-release component.


I also switched from NDT to T3 after being on NDT for a year and a half with no improvement. I am in much better condition now and I am satisfied with my progress on just T3. I switched similarly as Dynel already explained, first you take a bit less, just in case and then increase.


There are others here who have said the same thing...do you have Hashimoto's? It seems many with Hashi's feel worse on NDT, probably because it is causing their immune system to perpetuate the attack against the thyroid. It seems these people feel better on T3 only.



I started NDT four months ago after previously been on levo.

I am not finding any improvement on NDT. I have not been diagnosed with hashi's but when I had my private tests with Blue Horizon, both antibodies showed really high levels but still in range. Some say as they are high this could be classed as hashi's. I wonder if this is why the NDT is not working for me.

Do you think I would be better on T3 ?


Thank you for your replies. I do have Hashimoto's, does NDT not help in this case? I will give T3 a go, I'm excited to feel human again, not have a life sentence hanging over me!! I'm 30 years old with 2 children under 3, exhausted doesn't describe how I feel most days lol.


There is no maximum. You take as much as you need.


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