Can't buy NDT online anymore?


I've been using Thyroid S for a long time now and been doing incredibly well on it. I've just come to re order it and can no longer get it online no matter where I look. I'm desperate to find somewhere that stocks it. My doctor will never give me a prescription on the NHS for it. I've tried for years with no luck. Does anyone know where it can now be purchased? Or does anyone know a good alternative? I cannot bare the idea of going back to being as ill as I was on thyroxine. Please help.

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  • I still purchase it online OK but I have never been able to PM anyone if I could I would give you the info.

  • Just click on meg26 name at top of her post, this will take you to her profile where there is a message button, click on this & leave a message. Hope this helps you both

  • Thanks I have tried it I hope that it's worked.

  • Thank you both. I've had the messages through. Xxx

  • Thank you Meg26 for sending me the info x

  • Please can those who have links to purchase Thyroid S PM me as well pls? It's changed my world for the better and I don't want to run out either.

  • Me too thanks

  • Me too please!

  • Please could you PM me the link

  • Me too please and thanks.

  • Could i have the link as well please xx

  • Can I have the link too, please

  • Caz45,

    If you want a link please send a private message to the person you are requesting it from or write your own post.

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