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My last visit to endo (2 months ago) resulted in being put on a combination of T4 (50) and T3 (20) immediately felt better and now feeling OK. New prescription is a different make than before Thybon Henning - leaflet in German but pharmasist printed out a patient guide in English (a generic guide). Has anyone had experience of this make? Many thanks.

[ Edited by admin to correct typo. Product is Henning (not Genning). Not a problem until people quote it and try to get hold of it. ]

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  • The T3 brand that I always get is by Rokshaw. Which brand did you use before this one?

  • Can't remember make but tablets were tiny and info was in English (I am in UK). I thought there was only one supplier approved in UK. Thanks for reply.

  • Under some circumstances a "special" can be dispensed. In this case the company is here:


  • hi was this an nhs prescription? And please who was the endo?

  • I attend the endo clinic at Kings Hospital South London.

  • I used to have this brand when I lived in Cyprus. I found it good. I had no problems with it at all. I am on the Greek one now and wish I could still get the German one

  • Thanks for your response (sorry I didn't acknowledge) just busy....

  • For general information, Thybon are owned by Sanofi Deutschland and, at least in some places, you see that name rather than Henning.

    Sanofi (the main French company) also make their own Cynomel branded liothyronine.

  • Interesting, if this was NHS prescription. Would indicate that they might be moving to avoid huge MP brand price increase.

  • Yes it was NHS from my GP. My husband picked the prescription up and the pharmasist was super solicitous and suggested I call him if I had any questions. I do hope the NHS have found a more economical source. Interesting times.

  • Thanks Eljii.

  • I use Thybon Henning and find it absolutely excellent. I actually buy it myself from Germany as I cannot get it in the UK. I have been on Mercury Pharma free on the NHS, but I'm so much better on Thybon that I buy it from Germany. Each of us is different but I find Thybon about 20% more active and reduce my dose on it. Let me know how you get on after a few weeks!

  • Hi I had Thybon Henning for a few months and felt well for the first time in two years. They pulled it and gave me a generic one which isnt too bad but i dont feel as good as i did on the thybon. Can you pm the website or contact details you use to buy from Germany. How much does it cost ? Thanks

  • Will do - only a few days in and very very tired. Having said that - family over from Oz and work very busy - so will wait until end of Jan to decide really how I feel. thanks for your response.

  • Hi, can you please send me a link or the name of the site in Germany? Im really finding it difficult to find any information on trusted sites, companies or doses. Ive begged my endo for T3 blood test & trail.He just ignores me and Im sure my next appointment will be my last. Many thanks, 🤒

  • Hi,

    interested in your post re buying T3 Thybon Henning from Germany.Would be grateful if you could pm me the details - where to buy and can you buy it without prescription,and how much does it cost.

    Thanks I would be very grateful.

    My sister lives in Germany,so I may be able to get her to buy it and send it to me if that's possible.

  • I'm afraid it's prescription only and they are very firm about it. Sorry.

    Price £30 for 100 tablets.

  • thanks for replying.

  • Hi T3sortedme,

    Can you tell me how that works?

    Do you have to get a private prescription from a private Doctor, or can you get one from an NHS Doctor?

    How much does the prescription cost?


  • The German pharmacy simply need a verifiably valid prescription. It could be NHS or private - but your are unlikely to get away with a doctor's scrawl across a plain sheet of paper (which is potentially nonetheless a legal prescription).

    Obviously, a doctor couldn't stop you taking an NHS prescription to a UK pharmacy, so you might find that route difficult.

  • I would ask the doctor who looks after you. Assuming that's an NHS GP explain that T3 is very expensive in the U.K. but you are happy to pay for it yourself as it is cheap from Germany if he will give you a prescription. Mine does not charge for a prescription and is very supportive. Some can charge up to £25. I guess every GP is different. Work on your explanation of why you need to be on/trial T3. Hope that helps. Have you been on T3?

  • Hi T3sortedme,

    thanks for the information.Yes my doctor is an NHS doctor,I was on 20mcg T3 and 75mcg thyroxine for 15 years since my thyroid was removed.She has asked me to try just thyroxine as the T3 I was on was costing £250 a month.I didn't think it would work as I was on just thyroxine for a couple of periods during the 15 years,but did not think I could refuse as I need to keep her onside.I am not feeling very well on it,and want to go back on the T3 .I need to have a blood test in a few weeks then see her when the results are back,which I would think will show a low T3 level. I am not sure if she will let me have the T3 back,as another doctor on the same practice says he is not prescribing it any more.

    I just want to be prepared before I see her as to the options if she says she can't fund it any more.

  • It is definitely about cost and not about your health. How are you doing on T4 (Thyroxine) only. Are you better or worse? If any worse you need to insist on a private prescription so you can buy it yourself and maintain your health. You have to ignore their statements 'there's no evidence it makes any difference' if in fact it does. Do you have lower energy or any brain fog?

    For me it is life saving. T4 does nothing for me and even with TSH as low as 0.05 I can't walk much more than 500 metres. On 60mcg T3 I can live a normal life. I even climbed Skiddaw in the Lake District which is over 3,000 ft. I have a conversion problem i.e. I can't change T4 into T3 and in fact it make some reverse T3 which blocks normal T3 getting into cells and reduces my energy!

    Let me know how you get on. 20mcg a day is £120 per year (£10 per month from Germany including delivery) and well worth it if you need it.

  • Hi T3sortedme,

    thanks for your reply.

    Yes I am tired, can't get out of bed in the mornings,and my hip tendonitis is worse.I also have a dull headache all the time,plus the brain fog.

    I'm not sure if I am converting any T4, it will be interesting to see my blood results,but I have no thyroid at all, so I don't see how it can be enough T3 anyway if 20% comes directly from the thyroid gland.

    I will let you know how I get on, and may be requesting info as to where you buy it if I get no joy with the Doctor.

    Kind regards.

  • You need T3. Classic signs you describe are inadequate dosing.

    I would start by getting back to where you were - T4 & T3 and once settled (6-8 weeks) I would consider moving toward T3 only as a trial.

    T3 only is not easy as it takes absolute discipline in timing of taking tablets. I take 20mcg at 7am, 12 and 5pm. If I delay a tablet by up to 30 mins, I feel it but its OK but if its nearer an hour I lose the rest of the day. I have a loud reminder on my iPhone that rings even when on silent but it is the only way I can do it. It works well for me. If you can do T3/T4 combo it is much easier as T4 is the storage form and the body changes it to T3 as its needs it which allows more flexibility and adjustment by the body.

  • Hi,thanks for you message.I am o.k. on T3/T4, not wonderful, but maybe I never will be! Sounds easier than just being on T3.

    At least I can get on with life!

  • T3/T4 is definitely easier. Good luck and let me know if you want prescription supplier details.

  • Thanks!

  • Hi T3sortedme

    I've been given a private prescription for 10mcg of Liothyronine from a London Endo. Can you please tell me how I can buy Thybon Henning T3? I'd be very grateful for the information. Thanks.

  • You might have a bit of a problem because Thybon is only manufactured in 20 and 100 microgram tablets - so far as I am aware. It depends upon the strictness with which a pharmacy interprets your prescription.

  • Oh, in that case how can I find out what brands are available in a 10mcg dose? Is there any information about what people think of various T3 brands?

  • I have never heard of a make of liothyronine available in 10 micrograms. Anywhere. 5, 20, 25, 50 and 100 is it.

    (It would, of course, be possible to get a specially compounded product but the cost would likely be prohibitive.)

  • I've double checked the prescription and it definitely says 10mcg of Liothyronine for two months. Perhaps in reality it might be 2 x 5mcg?

  • That would be the only way of dispensing ready made tablets. However, I am only aware of the USA makes (Perrigo, Sigmapharm, Mylan, Pfizer Cytomel) that offer 5 microgram tablets. Rather limits your options.

  • The tablets are 20mcg but easy to divide as the are larger and have a break line in them for splitting them in two. I have PM'd you the details. Glad you've managed to get some progress!

  • Happy New Year. I get it via prescription on the NHS, my sense is that this is unusual. Good luck in sourcing.

  • Thanks that's really interesting. Yes will let you know how I get on.

  • Interesting. I have been buying tiromel despite having an nhs prescription as I found mercury pharma so inconsistent. I might get myself another bottle of nhs t3 and see if it is a different brand.


  • Suggest you ask what they will dispense before putting in your prescription. After all, no point in NHS footing the bill if they will only be supplying the usual Mercury Pharma liothyronine. Worse, no reason for MP to get any profit from supplying it at their grossly inflated price.

  • Thanks I have months supply for now will ask next time round.

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