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Thybon Henning on NHS prescription

I am aware that NHS Scotland - I live in Edinburgh - is separate from NHS England but I have been seeing an endocrinologist who was willing to put me on T3 after I could demonstrate that Idid not do well on T4 alone, and I was given T3, by Mercury. I am at present on 25mcg T4 and 30mcg T3. This may not be the final dose but I am happy as I finally begin to feel better. With my last prescription I went to a different - independent - chemist (Thinking there is only one manufacturer of T3 licenced anyway in UK) but I was delighted to find out he stocked Thybon Henning (Sanofi)and he assured me his supplier assured him there is no problem to have this make. I would have thought if one small chemist can find a UK supplier it must be possible in other places, too. Has the NHS finally realised it doesn't have to pay the extortionate price charged by Mercury? This surely must make a difference for others to be able to continue/start on T3 as I presume the cost for Thybon Henning is as charged on German online pharmacies, about €30 for a packet.

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There are some alternative T3s available but apart from Scotland Endocrinoligists and doctors have been told not to prescribe and have withdrawn some members' T3s altogether.

They can prescribe on a 'named patient' basis for alternatives but as it goes against the guidelines few will do so as the onus falls on them alone if the patients has a reaction.

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I'd have no objection to my GP or pharmacy dispensing Thybon or Sanofi if it is cheaper than Mercury Pharma as long as it was agreed to reinstate MP if Thybon or Sanofi didn't suit.

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Hi I live in Glasgow I get prescribed Mercury pharma t3,I would love to try a different brand like thybon henning but can't find a pharmacy to get it for me,could you pm me the name of your pharmacy so I can try it thanks.


UK pharmacies which are simply helpful can be identified here. There is already a list on the Thyroid UK site of some which are regular suppliers of desiccated thyroid on prescription in the UK.

I looked on the thyroid website,I didn't see any pharmacies in Scotland.

Thanks for reply

Rosie2poppy, Pharmacy location isn't necessarily important because your prescription can be emailed and medicines can be delivered by post.


Just seeing your post and I have been given Thybon Henning in last few months. Seem to be getting more benefit from it than stuff was given before. Was a bit worried when saw change as tabs 3 x size of what was used to - easier to split if necessary, but was worried about what else in it - but seem better on it? Again, small village chemist sourcing it.

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Hi could you tell me if you still get thybon henning prescribed and do you live in the UK?

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