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New here and need help interpreting results please

Hi, first time posting here but need advice please?

I have been borderline underactive thyroid since I was 16 but never been treated as deemed normal.

I am now 23 years old and having different symptoms:

Tired all the time

Feel hot 24/7

weight loss

Loose bowels


Mood swings

No periods (but have a contraceptive implant so not sure if related)


Feeling like I'm weak and worn out

Random aches and pains

Double vision (apparently caused by convergence weakness)

Had tests taken 29.11.16

Thyroid stimulating hormone 3.6 (0.270 - 4.200)

Free thyroxine 17.57 (12.000 - 22.000)

Total T4 107.3 (59.000 - 154.000)

Free T3 5.99 (3.100 - 6.800)

Thyroglobulin antibody 11.840 (0.000 - 115.000)

Thyroid peroxidase antibodies 22.44 (0.000 - 34.000

Had these tests done by a private lab as so fed up of feeling like this.

I also had my blood taken at 4pm in the evening so not sure if that affects the results in anyway.

I have been told that I am within normal ranges so I am medically fine

Thank you and kind regards

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Having the test done at 4 pm will indeed affect the results. TSH - which is all that doctors really look at - is highest first thing in the morning, and lowers during the day - so by 4 o'clock, it will be much lower than at 8 in the morning. It also lowers after eating, and I presume that by 4 pm, you'd had a couple of meals.

Given that your TSH was 3.6 in the middle of the afternoon - which is quite high, anyway - having the test done before breakfast could make all the difference between getting diagnosed and not getting diagnosed! Although, to be honest, your FT3 is quite a decent level, and doesn't suggest hypothyroidism. But doctors don't know what that is, anyway! lol

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Hi smarty, there is definitely something wrong. Your test results are not really normal. From my understanding even if you have some hyper symptoms, it is all hypothyroid. Your implant does have an effect but I'm not that knowledgeable. Your adrenal glands play a part and they produce cortisol. You may know that cortisol is produced when you are under stress and in the fight or flight state. When that is up your thyroid production goes down.

You are probably going to need more testing, it's very hard to know what exactly is happening. You might look at this site and do some searching for adrenals and thyroid.


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