Alternatives to WP Thyroid tablets please?

I have these tablets, but cannot stand the smell of them in the container, or when I go to take them. They smell like old fish to me!

Has anyone else noticed or experienced this?

I could revert to Armour (I wasn't aware they smelt like this but would like confirmation from anyone who has a bottle of Armour tablets to hand please?) or try Nature-Throid or Westhroid as alternatives?

Do either of these smell can anyone please tell me if they are using them?


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  • I believe they all have some sort of smell. Armour themselves say the tablets have a 'strong characteristic odor' and my only other experience was w Thyro Gold which smelled a bit odd (and tasted of cigarette ash).

    I sympathise as I could not get on w selenium for the same reason. Not only did the tablets themselves smell like old, soiled wound dressings but they made the whole cupboard smell that way. Eventually I was so reluctant to take them I thought 'Why on earth am I putting up w the terrible smell in the cupboard?' and threw the bottle out.

  • PB - if you want a selenium supplement that doesn't smell then try Cytoplan That's the one I use, I've just opened a brand new tub, no smell. Even when tub has been open for a while there's no real detectable smell.

    Cytoplan often has 3 for 2 offers, if not other places sell it.

  • Thank you SS, had I been more sensible I would have done some research. I'm not normally a squeamish or fussy person but I had such a visceral reaction to that smell, I just couldn't bear it.

    I will have a look at Cytoplan. Thanks again.

  • You're welcome PB :)

    The first brand of selenium I used was Doctor's Best capsules and they had an unpleasant smell. Cytoplan are small oval tablets and I prefer tablets anyway so win win for me!

  • Yes, these were honking great chalky tablets that I was splitting in half so they scratched my throat. Little tabs are the way to go. :-)

  • Ugh, the first time I opened a bottle of selenium caps, not only did the odour knock me for six, but soon after taking it I was at the sink heaving (sorry if that was tmi :D ). Tried again the next day, and the next, but no change.

    Tried again with a different brand, but no better. Convinced that they were the answer to everything and a miracle cure ( :D ), other half got some different ones again, but no change in effect for me. Hence I gave up with selenium supplements and have never tried again.

  • I think there may be a fundamental problem with answering this question, in that people can often experience odours differently. So what may be an objectionable odour for one, isn't necessarily objectionable to another.

    For me, the odour of things can also change dramatically depending on my current degree of 'hypothyroidness'. The more hypo/undermedicated I am, the more likely I am to experience unpleasant odour in something that seems to be much more acceptable at other times (presumably when my thyroid hormone levels are better balanced).

    My first experience of desiccated thyroid was Armour, and I recall being temporarily put off taking my first tablet because on opening the bottle, the odour was overpowering. I held my nose and went ahead with taking it though. I know I was very hypo indeed at that time :)

    I just now unscrewed the cap of a bottle of Nature-throid, and the odour was not noticeable at all until I literally stuck my nose right into the bottle. At which point I noticed a vague odour. Someone else might experience the odour from that very same bottle quite differently to me.

  • Apropos of nothing (except smelliness) my mum's doctor said to be careful w Armour as dogs really like it and sure enough when she came to stay the dog took a lot of interest in her bag of meds.

    Our other dog chewed the nylon net pocket right out of my suitcase to get to my last few caps of Thyro Gold. So that was a fun-filled afternoon googling dog + ate + thyroid hormone.

  • Fascinating! :D

  • Mmm, pig thyroid *rubs tummy*

  • I use WP and know the smell you mean, I suppose when you have a basically "meat" product that has been dried to preserve it there may be a smell! To me they smell like the dried sausages I get for the dogs. I imagine that's basically what they are!!!! I use to keep mine in the bathroom with the lid not always on and found the condensation made them sticky and more smelly. I now keep them on bedside table.

  • Hi

    I take them and sometimes notice a smell.

    Mine went quite sticky in the summer months, but I can't really say they smelt fishy just a sort of dried stale smell.

  • To me they smell of a sow coming on heat! The boar could smell this particular scent half a mile away! Try the Nurses trick of breathing through your mouth, you wont smell it once you can do this!

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