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NDT - I know there is Armour but are there others - and places to buy from please?

I know there is Armour and this is widely used for underactive thyroid, but there are other NDT hormones available? What is the difference between these (please name them) and Armour? Has anyone tried another then gone onto Armour and had better results?

Could anyone tell me where to buy from, prices, and suppliers and approx delivery time - please PM me.

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Redhotchestnut, Armour is the most expensive NDT. NatureThroid, WP, NP and Canadian Erfa are more affordable. Many members use the Thai NDT Thyroid-S and Thiroyd which are the least expensive. There is no BEST NDT. Different brands suit different people and you may need to try 2 or 3 brands before you find the right one for you. The link below lists the different ingredients in each brand:

Delivery will be from outside Europe and delivery is usually estimated as 21-28 days from ordering.

Price will depend on how much you need to take. 1 grain (60-65mg) is roughly equivalent to 75mcg Levothyroxine.


What's a vague idea of price? Are we talking 100s/1000s etc?


Your GP if in the UK can prescribe NDT on a 'named-patient' basis on a trial basis but few are willing as they bear the responsibility.


Strawberrysorbet, it totally depends on which brand and what dose you require. 1,000 x 1 grain Thai NDT will be around £38.


I've seen some people taking the Thai NDTs quoting prices of under £50 per thousand tablets, but it can be higher. For NDT from US or Canada the prices are going to be a lot higher, but I don't know any actual prices.

It is essential to be sure that your source of meds is reliable and is not peddling fakes, no matter what they charge and what brand they say it is. Buying on the internet, nobody can ever be 100% sure of anything, so personal recommendation from a trustworthy fellow thyroid sufferer is the best thing to go by.

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100 30 mg (1/2 grain) can run $ 50 - 75.00. That is not the price for Armour. Armour is just ridiculous. Here are some examples from one site...


30 mg (0.5 Grain) 100 Acella 64727-3299-01 $64.73

60 mg (1 Grain) 100 Acella 04219-2330-01 $68.09


32.5 mg (1/2 Grain) 100 RLC Labs 64727-5550-01 $52.31

48.75 mg (3/4 Grain) 100 RLC Labs 64727-5650-01 $54.15

65 mg (1 Grain) 100 RLC Labs 64727-5750-01 $55.88

Here is Naturethroid's price for 100 tabs... much cheaper

65 mg (1 Grain) 100 RLC Labs 64727-3300-01 $36.79


Here is WP at another site. RX required. Price includes shipping.

Westhroid Pure 1 Grain 65mg 100 Tabs $ 63.25 (USD)

Hopefully, someone can pm with ways to purchase NDT. These are reliable suppliers. I don't know how these prices would translate to English pounds (Euro?). I am in the US.

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I've only tried WP Thyroid, which I've found excellent, & Thyro-Gold, which I can't tolerate in even tiny doses.

One grain of WP works out about £10 a month, including import duty etc., as I split a two grain tablet.




I have a private prescription for naturethroid and pay around 100 quid for 200 tablets of 1 grain eacH from a British pharmacy (Inc postage). I was on 100 mcgs levo and started on an equivalent dose of 1.5 grains naturethroid. I'm now on alternate day doses of 1.5 and 2 grains so it costs me around a quid per day.

I think the brands have different levels of hormones so the cheapest per tablet may not be the cheapest overall as you may need more tablets. Others can probably advise on relative strengths of the brands

Good luck. I spent a year on levo and have been a year on ndt; ndt is much much much better

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