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GP stopped Armour thyroid


My Gp has stopped my prescription of Armour thyroid. He has telephoned me this afternoon and after a lengthy discussion has agreed that if I can send him evidence he is allowed to prescribe Armour on prescription he will only do so as a private prescription.

I know there is a letter from the health minister to give to your doctor but I can't find it. Can anyone give me any links to information I can print off and give to my GP to support giving me Armour thyroid.

I have tried all the other tablets and they have made me so unwell I refuse to take them again.

Thank you in advance


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Ditch the Gp and get your own online. It will cost a fortune to buy on private script. I would ask him for evidence he is not allowed to prescribe it on Nhs.


It can be prescribed on the NHS on a named patient basis but GPs very reluctant . I think you will find the information on the Thyroid UK site


Kc02, your GP will have been prescribing Armour on a named patient basis. There's no reason for him to discontinue unless the CCG has decided unlicensed medications are no longer allowed to be prescribed. If that is the case you'll need your GP to put the reason for discontinuing your prescription in writing so you can formally appeal to the practice and CCG. You should copy your MP on any correspondence.



I agree with Clutter's advice. You have a life-long disease which can result in death if not properly treated and the fact that in the UK only levo is advised to be prescribed but it makes you even more unwell and debilitated. NDT doesn't as has been proven since 1892,in various forms, when it was first given to hypo patients .

This is for you MP as the BTA has made false statements about it.



I get mine on NHS. It's up to GP's discretion because it is unlicensed. No other GP in my area would prescribe it when I tried to move GP. I originally got it agreed by using ThyroidUK literature & MP. I've never heard of it being withdrawn once you've had the script agreed...? So sorry to hear this has happened to you. It's not fair we have to fight so hard for this.


My Armour was withdrawn after several years by my GP when he was asked by the CCG to stop prescribing it. I looked into appealing the decision but my endo could not support the appeal without evidence of clinical trials which proved Ndt was better than Levo. Without these clinical trials/endo support I could not fulfill the criteria for the appeal. My endo now prescribes it privately but I have to pay for it.


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