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Results and symptoms

latest results..

post hysterectomy and BSO (ovary removal) in June

symptoms are; weight gain again

hair loss (nearly 80% of my hair)



SH - 0.65

Antibodies 46

Ferritin 73

B12 498

FT4 11

Folate 13.8

Trying to take HRT, but even 1 pump of oestrogel makes my breast swell and feel sore and I just feel bloated and horrible

Been on 1.5 grains of NDT ( NAturethroid) and am considering increasing to 2/3

do not feel good, and do not know what to do now..

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Please repost with the ranges on your tests. What is SH? Did you mean TSH?

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yes. TSH! sorry.. will repost with the ranges asap


Recent Results. After NDT for over a year..

Free T4 11 pmol/L (8.0-21.0)


0.65 mu/L (35.0-50.0)

Thyroid Antibodies 46.0 ku/L (0.0-34.0)

ferritin 73 ug/L ((23.0-300)

B12 498 ng/L (130-1100.0)

Not had Vit D back.. last time checked in 2014 was 69


If you've not had a recent blood test for thyroid hormones I'd make a new appointment. It should be the earliest and fasting, and leave 24 hours between your last dose of NDT and the test and take afterwards.


Get your reverse T3 checked, you could be converting T4 to reverse T3 instead of T3. This happens when the body's been under stress, which yours has. Hair loss is a clue.

You need a full hormone workup. Look into a DUTCH test, dried urine test of comprehensive hormones, which looks at all the hormone metabolites. They have some good little videos on their website.

After a radical hysterectomy which threw me into menopause, it took a while, but balancing my hormones got rid of a lot of symptoms. I'm currently taking estriol and testosterone creams, progesterone, progesterone, and DHEA, and if I didn't, I'd feel awful.

Progesterone might really help.

The DUTCH test also tests adrenal function, or you could do a saliva cortisol test. If your adrenals are off, it could be impacting your thyroid function.

In the meantime, eat a high quality diet with fresh veg and organic meat, organ neat also.

Hope you find answers soon.


Thanks. I've had a TAH - and BSO in other words I'm in surgical meno...I'm taking Estradial... and hoping to supplement with testosterone, but that might take a while as I've only recently started the HRT and my oestrogen levels are very low.. I will see Dr Panay in a few weeks and get help I'm sure.. My diet is good.. and I'm consuming far less meat of late, but what I do eat is really good quality and organic... Where is the DUTCH test available in the UK? It really all depends on funds. but will get a reverse T3 and T3 done as they are relatively inexpensive.. thanks again


I'm not a doctor, but I suspect you may need progesterone, preferably the bioidentical kind. Estradiol can promote breast cancer. So look at topical estriol.

I learned this the hard way - we were meant to eat meat, which contains nutrients essential to good health.

The DUTCH test comes from Portland, Oregon in the US. I paid about $300. Your doctor has to order it from them. The good news is it's easy to ship - it comes with 4 little matchbooks of special paper and firms to fill out. It's simple. you pee on the paper at the prescribed times, dry then out, and nail them back in a normal business sized envelope. The results were extremely valuable in tweaking my hormones.

If you can't do it, at least look at the videos and understand what they're doing so you can get testing that's a close approximate. But I've had scores of regular labs on my hormones and nothing came close to what the DUTCH test gave me.

Good luck!


Hi. Yes, we use transdermal HRT here ;-) patches and some women take transbuccally

If you read (register to read)

You will see that actually

"In the WHI estrogen-only treatment arm, there was a lower relative risk (RR) of invasive breast cancer in the treatment group than in the placebo group (HR, 0.77; 95% CI, 0.59 to 1.01) (LOE 1)."

As we all know the WHI has been debunked due to flaws in design and studying women on prempro/Prempak . etc..

There is really good advice here:

the test you speak of is like $400 which I don't have right now.. Here in the UK we're a bit limited on NHS in what we can have tested.. But I'll try and get the tests for RT3 and T3...

Meat. Yes, I hear you. I started eating a lot more when my iron levels were in the ground, but I'm really happier on a diet with less meat in it. Each to their own I guess. The Paleo/Autoimmune approach works for a lot of people, I'm happiest with an adapted version of it.


is an interesting discussion on prog for surgical meno...


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