low ferritin and hairloss

i have been diagnosed as hypothyroid since december but only started levothyroxine 3 weeks ago. I have had dry skin particularly on hands and some weight gain (7lbs) but the hair loss is really getting me down now. Iv e been losing since the summer and the highest TSH recorded was on 9.8 but my ferritin was 4.

I am 40 this year and a mum of 3 but the hair loss is starting to make me feel really depressed. Doctors all say different things but I am worried that such low ferritin is not helping the levo do its stuff and in fact the hair loss has got worse. i feel i will never stop losing hair and get out of this horrid guessing game of what to do and what to take etc :-(

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  • Wow, that ferritin seems low, what is the reference range? What about other iron results, was a full iron panel done? It's usually advised that ferritin be at least 70, preferably 100-130.

    To raise ferritin you need to supplement iron. I would hope with your level your GP would be prescribing, but if not you can get iron supplements yourself, the most gentle, supposed non-constipating form being iron bisglycinate such as Solgar Gentle Iron (which does actually constipate me but works well for most people).

    When taking iron supplements take with Vit C to help absorption (1000mg would be good) and take 4 hours away from your thyroxine.

  • thank you

  • Maybe it's not an answer you would like to hear but, in the meantime, why not get a nice wig. Just until you manage to get the iron at the right level as well as the thyroid. This way, you won't have to keep looking at how much hair you've lost.

  • Hi

    What are you taking for your low ferritin? I dont know the reference range for your results but mine was 15 and the range was 15 - 307. My Mum was getting hair loss from low ferritin (lower than my results) and she said only yesterday that she has seen some improvement i.e the hairloss is reducing for her which is great news, and yes low ferritin will not be helping the uptake of your thyroid medication so its very important that you address this. I take ferrous fumerate 210mcg 3 times a day as it is gentler than ferrous sulphate which i found aggressive on the gut if you get my meaning!

    I do hope you start to see and feel some improvement soon.

  • thank you seeing gp tomorrow and will see if she will prescribe me iron

  • I think that you maybe need a new doctor if he didn't do anything about your reading of 4. A disgrace.

    Jo xx

  • It is most probable if your GP does give you a prescription that it will be for ferrous sulphate as this is cheaper than ferrous fumerate but if you dont get any joy it is not that expensive to buy yourself.

  • My ferritin blood was low in range, but not low enough for my Dr. to be concerned about, since I have been supplementing (constantly) with Ferrous Fumerate, my hair has started to regrow slowly.

  • Thank you

  • Like the others I think you need a prescription to bring up your ferritin levels but you might be interested to know that my ferritin levels are rising since I started supplementing vitamin C and went gluten free. I don't know which it is that has helped and am not going to change anything yet to find out.

  • Hello, my levels are close to you (TSH was 9 at the highest and ferritin 5 at the lowest) Now my ferritin is 7.7. Indeed I have never seen my ferritin more than 15 in my whole life even with medical help.

    Anyways a few years ago a dermatologist told me to try Pantogar with biotin for my hair and nails. And this combination helped me.

    But biotin should be 5000 mcg, not the low dose ones.

    I hope you feel better soon.

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