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NDT & Vitamins

I'm taking a few vitamin supplements & have just started on NDT. I was wondering if anyone could check if I'm taking these correctly. I know some vits are best taken at certain times of the day & are best combined with others - but I'm not sure what these are. Any help would be gratefully received.

Currently taking:

7.30am 1/2 grain Thyriod S

9am Breakfast followed by 2,000mcg methyl B12, Jarrows B complex, 400g folate metafolin (I'm waiting for delivery of Vit K2 - MK7 100mcg - can I take these along with the B12 etc)

12 noon Lunch with 300mg of Omega 3

3pm 1/2 grain Thyriod S

8pm Dinner followed by 5,000iu of D3

10pm 1/2 grain of Thyriod S (However, I think this is too close to bedtime as I haven't been sleeping too well, so I'm thinking of changing this to maybe 11am & the afternoon dose to 5pm)

I also take around 2 to 3 - 3g tablets of L Glutamine daily, usually mid afternoon & evening. I'm trying to cut out sugar & this helps massively with the cravings.

Thanks in anticipation.

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Vit D3 should be taken with the fattiest meal of the day as fat aids absorption. I think the K2 - MK7 should be taken with the vit D3. Vit D3 should be taken 4 hours away from Thyroid-S.

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Justliloldme As well as D3 being taken with the fattiest meal of the day, K2 also needs to be taken with dietary fat. I've read that they should be taken at different times of the day because they compete for the fat but there are also combo D3/K2 supplements so as long as there is enough fat available for them to be absorbed there shouldn't be a problem. This is why I get these supplements in softgel form as they come with some form of oil (usually olive oil) so along with the dietary fat there shouldn't be a problem with them both absorbing.

If you're taking Jarrows B Right that contains 400mcg methylfolate, I wouldn't have thought you'd need the extra 400mcg folate Metafolin separately.

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I have been taking the B right for about 9 weeks now - I had bloods done around the 6 week mark & my folate hadn't increased so I've started to supplement separately. I'm due more tests around Christmas so I'm hoping its increased.


Wow, I'm amazed that your folate hasn't increased. I took Thorne Basic B and in 2.5 months mine went from very bottom of the range to the very top! Fingers crossed the Metafolin helps.


I know!

You did advise me to try the Thorne Basic B in stead of the B right once I'd finished what I had - but I thought I'd take the extra folate until I swapped over. I'd forgotten about that ;-)

I feel like I'm rattling these days with the amount of supplements I'm taking haha - although I do feel much better so they must be working.

Thanks once again for the advice x


You're welcome :)

I didn't look back at previous threads so didn't remember I'd mentioned Thorne before.

I know what you mean about rattling! I try to use powder or liquid when I can to reduce the number of capsules and tablets. I can cope with tablets but capsules cause indigestion like discomfort if they're not very small. It's one of the reasons I like the little softgel D3 supplement. I tend to open capsules and mix the contents with orange juice where I can, I check with the manufacturer first to see if it's OK.

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