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Hi all, I am hypo at 75 mcg. My hair has started to fall out again however this time round it doesn't seem to stop. It has completely thinned on the crown and I've lost that much that you can see through it. As I have been very distressed by this and due to putting back on the stone and a half I lost, I went to see my GP who referred me for blood tests. The following were flagged by the hospital: Gamma Glutamyl Transferase at 71, B12 at 816, TSH at 9.02. My T4 seemed to be ok at 15.0 and Ferritin at 81 although I have been told in the pas by an endo that with thyroid the ferritin should be above 80. Other than levoythyroxine I am taking vit d supplement as this has been low in the past however on these bloods they are now at 76. GP has now increased my levothyroxine from 75 to 100 and suggested I have blood repeated in 6 weeks. Could this be the reason for my hairloss/weight gain? It's strange how my TSH has changed drastically when I only had a test a few months ago which was o.k I was told (sorry cannot remember the levels). Please may I have your thoughts on all of this. I struggle to get to sleep and a finding myself awake for ages or getting up in the middle of the night and turning the TV. Thank you JR

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Rising TSH indicates you were under medicated and that's probably why you are experiencing weight gain and hairloss.

Some people need more meds in the winter, so it is entirely possible to have good test results and still have changing needs months later. Equally some people just fluctuate a lot (putting my hand up) and this can lead to being very symptomatic because you're often on the wrong dose.

A TSH OF 9.... 1-2 is usually what drs shoot for that have been to....i would be so hypo at 9 hence i am hypo at 2.5

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