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Latest bloods

I posted last week as we're going to start trying for a baby soon and wondered what I should be thinking about in relation to my thyroid. I was very helpfully told that I should aim for my results to be below 2.5 and I've had recent bloods taken. I've called the doctors and they've given me the following results from the 6th April blood tests:

TSH - 2.28 (range 0.35-5.5)

T4 - 12.5 (range 7 - 17)

Its strange that my TSH has only come done very slightly from my previous blood tests on 16th Jan when it was 2.3 (same ranges) and I've been increased by 25 mcg since then to 125mcg daily. My T4 in Jan was 15.2 so thats come down too.

I've made an appointment with the GP for tomorrow to discuss all this and wondered what you recommended I say? Should I ask for another increase in meds do you think? I'm really surprised that my TSH wasn't lower actually.

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Most people taking Levothyroxine feel under medicated with TSH 2.28 and would feel better with TSH 1.0 or lower with FT4 in the upper range. Read Treatment Options in Email if you would like a copy of the Pulse article to show your GP.

It is recommended that the TSH of women planning conception should be in the low-normal range of 0.4 - 2.5. Dose is usually increased by 25-50mcg when pregnancy is confirmed to ensure good foetal development.

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Thanks Clutter, I'll talk to my doc tomorrow and see if I can get a dose increase, will also email Louise for that article too. Thank you again!


The TSH varies all day, i.e. it is highest earliest a.m and reduces throughout the day. It is not a thyroid hormone, it is a Thyroid Stimulating Hormone which tries to flag the thyroid gland to produce more thyroid hormones this is the reason we advice as early an appointment as possible, fasting (you can drink water) and allow a gap of 24 hours between the last dose of hormones and the test and take it after test.


Thanks Shaws, I had my last bloods taken at 8.15am and hadn't eaten anything since the day before. And I didn't take any levo either, last dose was the morning before.


That's good as it is difficult sometimes to remember to 'do this - do that' as we are tired and symptomatic.


Thank you for the reminder! It is so easy just to go by habit sometimes!

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This may be helpful too re pregnancy.


you are far too poorly treated to even think about trying for a baby

a properly treated hypo should have a TSH of 1.0 or below and free t4 and free t3 both in balance and near top of their ranges

you also need




vit d3

all at least halfway in their ranges too

please remember that Hashimotos and auto immune conditions can transfer from Mother to child and theres also a risk of autism apparently too


Thanks for your reply. I thought, as Clutter said, that a TSH below 2.5 is ok for pregnancy? I'm actually feeling a lot better than I have done. I've had all my vitamins tested and am taking B12, vit D and iron.


if thats what Clutter thinks then fine

I have good reasons for my alternative views based on what my Hashis daughter has experienced


Oh no I didn't mean that to come across rudely! Sorry! I'd be interested to hear of your daughters experience if you're willing to share.


I appreciate that .... Even at 71 i am 100% healthy ...have 2 daughters both born before husband diagnosed with Graves Hyperthyroid later surgury then Hashimotos

Eldest daughter so far ok but her daughter was coeliac from birth ( apparently via my Mother undiagnosed according to GOSH ) and developed Hashis age 9 is now 15

younger daughter is Dyslexic and has severe Endometriosis (both aquired via my husbands mother ) She had twin girls now 22 both are dyslexic ,hashimotos one has severe endo the other asthma next daughter is 18 and has Hashis antibodies , son is 13 and clearly Aspergers

this daughter had Gall Bladder removed age 24,has horrendous raised LFTs and has severe Dot map corneal dystrophy at just 44 along with Spondylolythesis from my husbands mother

so as you can see genetics are powerful and often skip a generation with severe effects hence why i always warn that pregnancy is never to be considered lightly and its vital to check previous generations for both diagnosed or undiagnosed /suspected illness

If i had know back 50 years what i know now i would have taken the heart wrenching decision to not have children


Thank you for explaining all that, I'm so sorry to hear that so many of your family members have been affected. My two brothers have type one diabetes so we suspect auto-immune diseases in our genetics but my husbands side don't have any health problems. I'll look into my genetics but my mother died 12 years ago and my dad isn't overly helpful with information so I'm not sure how much I'll find out.


This archived link may be helpful :)


reallyfedup, that's awful that your family has been affected so badly. No wonder we have inbuilt anger/frustration.


Not sure i would call it in built anger but i certainly have a very realistic attitude to the risks

people run which will become even worse given how many people do not even know who their father was

My daughter has paid a very high price of her own health having her son

along with the immense patience etc needed with Aspergers


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