Blood test results naturethroid, advice appreciated

hello, I decided to switch from levothyroxine to NDT two months ago, (on my own - buying privately as GP not helpful) to see if i could get rid of lingering hypo symptoms. i was taking 100 levothyroxine (been on levo for 10 years or so) and started taking 1 grain naturethroid, working my way up to 2.5 grain (based on my symptoms), where i held for 4 weeks.

Here are my results:

0.043 (0.270 - 4.200)

Free thyroxine 12.86 (12.000-22.000)

Free T3 5.92 (3.100-6.800)

I would very much appreciate some advice as to whether these are optimal results or if i am over-medicating and should perhaps reduce my dose to 2 grain?.

Many thanks for any advice :-)

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  • Sidtrivett,

    2.5 grains looks spot on. FT3 is within range so you aren't biochemically over medicated. How do you feel?

  • thanks Clutter, i feel pretty good, definately a bit more energy, less bloated, and i dont feel the cold as bad (most of the time!) - its interesting looking back at previous results when i was on levo my free T4 was higher (17.42 (12-22) ) and my T3 lower (4.7 (3.1-6.800)- could it be that i convert t4 better on ndt? i feel like this might be the case!

  • Sidtrivett,

    It's low T3 which causes hypothyroid symptoms. FT4 has to be in the upper range to convert sufficient T3 when taking Levothyroxine but because there is 22.5mcg T3 in 2.5 grains NDT you are getting T3 direct and don't need such high FT4.

    Glad you're doing well on NDT :)

  • thank you Clutter! :-)

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