Brain fog

Could anyone help with a list of tests I could ask for that could uncover another reason or diagnosis why I still suffer from bad intermittent brain fog .

I am Hashimoto's . Antibodies confirmed it . I Have free t3 and free t4 done . I am liothyronine only . Not in range . Working on that but I read from all of you on hear about other causes adrenal fatigue ,growth hormones etc , but I get confused . So I need a fools guide of tests . So I can say could I have ........ to the endocrinologist

She may say no . But worth a try .

Thank you everyone

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  • I think I read somewhere that brain fog is caused by inflammation as well as other things

  • Well worth trying weaning off gluten as this can cause inflammation/brain fog if you are sensitive to it.

  • Gut health is the key really. Gluten, medications, h-pylori / candida overgrowth and genetic factors can affect our guts so they don't absorb enough of what we need from food, but can exacerbate inflammatory conditions.

  • B12, folate and ferritin. Being a Hashimoto patient means we might get other autoimmune conditions, such as pernicious anaemia which is one of the causes of B12 deficiency. But make sure you know the results. They tend to say they are normal, when they are at the low side of the reference range. For a Hashimoto patient this is no good. We need to have them at the top of the range. Patients say that they have symptoms even when their B12 is 350, which is in the mid range but still is in a grey area and could be classified as mildly deficient. Wishing you all the best x

  • I go along wholeheartedly with VickyB12's reply. As well as B12, folate and ferritin, check out your vit D3 levels.

  • Dear Poppppy, I also have Hashimoto's Disease & used to suffer dreadfully from brain fog. After reading Help For Hashimotos I made various changes including going 100% gluten free. The overwhelming lethargy & brain fog began to improve within a week. I also took loads of supplements but now only take Vitamin D drops & 100mcg levothyroxine. I did a one day gluten free cookery course which helped a lot. I've been gluten free for about 17 months now & my TPO antibody level has fallen from 728 to 250. At Halloween I unwittingly ate chips which had been fried in oil used for fish batter (gluten), this resulted in five days in bed with all my old symptoms. I felt I'd regressed a year & felt desperate. Now I'm fine again, thankfully. Apparently this gluten allergy doesn't affect all Hashimoto sufferers, but it is quite common.

  • Amazing the difference it can make. My daughter had dreadful brain fog during sixth form, she was struggling to remember anything. She went gluten-free and her brain fog disappeared, thankfully in time for her A levels.

  • Thank you for that Josiesmum . So pleased it helped your daughter . My friend also went from ill health to well after months of gluten free . Unfortunately I am 2 years gluten free now and not sure if any difference .

    Worked for my partner who has asthma and eczema and symptoms definitely correlate with gluten intake .

    Thank you for thinking of me and taking the time to share

  • Sorry to hear that, diet is important but not everything. It still may be worth investigating other food sensitivities. The Paleo Autoimmune cuts out all the most common ones:

    With my daughter gluten-free made a big difference but she improved again when she gave up all grains and sugar, so it's not the only thing. Through AIP she worked out she has problems with dairy, nuts, nightshades and eggs as well, although as her health has improved she can manage small amounts of these.

    Good luck.

  • I am going to try a paleo diet but with all the Christmas celebrations coming up I think this will have to start in the new year.

  • Even cutting down though will help the transition, and Christmas dinner is pretty much gluten free, if you go for Xmas pudding rather than mince pies ;-)

  • If you give up gluten it's best to wean off gradually over the course of a couple of weeks, otherwise it can be a shock to the system. Also make sure you get plenty of fibre to replace the wheat fibre you're missing out on to keep your gut bacteria nourished.

  • I also have both Hashi's and B12def and agree with all recommendations concerning gluten-free and getting regular high doses of B12. I went to injections as my stomach clearly isn't up to processing B12 from things injested. That decision, I'm quite sure, saved my life. Do what works for YOU, as many NHS GPs don't know enough to advise properly and are limited by what the NHS protocols are. Buy what you can't get through the local clinic: don't go without what you need. the excellent B12def/Pernicious Anaemia closed group on Facebook is a gold mine of good advice; just ask to become a member.

  • I too suffer with brain fog. I have it every day. I also have hashi and have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. maybe that's what you have too.

  • hi there

    From what I know Brain fog is very common amongst those who live with hashimotos including me I dont think there is one answer food,stress,fatigue,system overload, what I have come to know is how vital the thyroid is to the system in it working efficiently.

    It is the fine tuner for the endocrine system. I manage it by using a daily diary for everything,do brain teasers,crosswords,word find etc when i can and have time

    I find the whole thing has changed my life dramatically so also grief and loss

    Honour yourself and take care of you


  • Thank you for wise and kind words . I like the phrase honour yourself . And yes empathise with life changing xxx

  • I was discovered to have low Adrenal output- but this was 6 yrs after Underactive Thyroid diagnosed & after wrong initial diagnosis of Asthma, which I thought I had, so steroids for "asthma" which was really sign of Thyroid problem further stressed my now much stressed Adrenal glands. I had never heard of Thyroid until 1994 & would not have known what to do, but to your main point you can get "brain" fog if your thyroid can not demand the adrenalin it needs to function along with Pituitary & Hypothalamus. Life can affect your use of Adrenalin, stress, foods that may use more of your energy & leave you with "Brain Fog" for me it leaves me with my head/eyes/ & body absolutely zonked out. I have to wait until it passes. I maybe wrong but the Adrenals are the ignition & the thyroid the energy mover. Try keeping a Diary of when it happens eg certain foods. Hope this helps good wishes from Scorpio.

  • 100% Gluten free is a must for Hashi's , but this may or may not fix brain fog.

    1. Daily Magnesium (must -must)

    2. Monthly B12 shots to get in and stay in the 900plus range (must-must)

    3. A little Zink and Iron-VitC

  • Thank you , is b12 shots pricey . Is there any evidence to say levels should be this level that I can show consultant that might convince that I need on NHS .

  • 3 x B12 vials (3months worth) cost $15 over the counter at chemist no script required. Get a registered nurse or your GP to inject.

    I would start with Mega Magnesium, it is great stuff and you can get it local Woolworths or chemist

    Google "b12 standards too low"

  • Hi just bought mega magnesium natural ionic type . Hope that ok . Looked up a daile recommended dose 350mg . Is that what U would recommend thank you for advice

  • Hi - I think mine are 1000D but also dont think it will matter much. take some for a few days and see if it helps - with me I begin to feel better within an hour.

    Good luck


  • Thanx

  • Borrelia and Bartonella cause brain fog and thyroid and adrenal problems.

  • Thank you I will look into these . Are there tests for these

  • There are... Like many tests to do with bacteria they tend to not be highly accurate. 😟 But there are labs that do a good job. IGeneX is one in USA, Armin Labs in Germany.

    I have lived with brain fog for thirty two years and actually remember about eight of them properly.

    Antibiotic Cefuroxime is good but needs three good cycles.

  • Look up Neuroborreliosis .

  • I agree with the comment about Magnesium being a must - it has a transformative effect. There are soluble sports tablets (isotonic) which are safe for anyone to take and get into the system nice and quick.

  • Thank you I am going to get magnesium . What dose do U recommend daily . I do take some in other multi vits I take

  • Yes you can get carried away with vitamins - I had full blood chemistry done in attempt to see if I was low on any thing but of course nothing showed. So now I experiment with things - Ill take a Vitamin every day for a week and if I haven't seen anything really obvious I pretty must stop taking it. I figure a men's or woman's multi once or twice a week should do. Then you just need the extra Mag and B12

    I was trying to find out how much magnesium I take but the indigence is so detailed it's difficult, looks like about 1000mg / day of a range of Magnesium's

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