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Brain Fog - Hashimotos

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Hi All

What to do? One of the most horrible symptoms of my Hashimotos is, Brain Fog.

Not grasping stuff, remembering and feeling like I’m skating over the surface of things. Just the complete opposite of the normal me.

I didn’t even know bf existed, until I read about it and then that and my anxiety etc, started to make sense.

I have a meeting today for some possible work but am really just going through the motions. It’s an achievement even to go to the meeting!

Can anyone advise what I can do to be on the ball again?

I will contact my endo for my bloods and post. Also I’m requesting some bloods from my GP before my next endo visit. So I know you really cannot be specific. I take T3 (miserable on T4) better you vit d and b12 when I remember. And trying to be gluten and dairy free plus avoid sugar. I think I may have an issue with eggs as I get migraines so trying to keep off those too. Interested to hear generally, if you have a mo, what worked for any of you dear peeps ; )

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I am not medically qualified but we've had several posts in the past regarding Magnesium and how helpful it can be in general to our overall health. I would request a blood test for Free T4 and Free T3 as both should be towards the upper part of the ranges.

Recently, I've read about Magnesium L-Theorate and some links:-

Magnesium L-Threonate: Breakthrough Brain Supplement.


There’s no reason you can’t take more than one kind of magnesium.

In fact, many formulations cover all bases by including more than one form.

You’ll know if you’ve overdone it with magnesium — loose stools are the telling sign.

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Ziburu in reply to shaws

Thank you for all the fab info and links Shaw’s ; )

I've had terrible brain fog until I started T3 on its own. I notice I'm much more like my old self if I remember to take all my many supplements including b12 and b complex, Magnesium Citrate, selenium, vit D, Zinc and I eat my vit c where possible or get fizzy tablets with it in.

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Ziburu in reply to Marymary7

Thank you for that Mary.

I’m way better on T3 too.

But I must be diligent with the vitamins.

Did you get tested for all those or just decide what you needed. Also how much do you take of each?

When I read the dosage, I always think we should take more because we don’t absorb them properly anyway.

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Marymary7 in reply to Ziburu

I read a lot online and I have daily emails from lots of health sites with the latest news. I only know with investigations usually as I've only had the normal medichecks results and the vit d and iron etc from the doc.

It could be completely wrong for all I know. If one can get tested for all these things it would be great and I agree that the daily recommended levels are usually too low but if you look into it then you learn which to take more of. If you are only going to pee excess out its not a worry but some like vit D are fat soluble.

Keep reading on here. This site is brilliant and lots of admin are so knowledgeable too such as SeasideSusie and shaws . You can always ask on here. 😀

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Marymary7 in reply to Ziburu

This film makes sense?

Mary 😀

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