Brain Fog Improvement!

Hello, I thought i'd give an update from a couple of previous posts of mine where i was suffering severely from Brain Fog (I had to quit my job at Christmas) as well as chronic fatigue.  

So various blood tests later, i was told i was  Vit D deficient, and  was given a booster of 200,000 iu over two days.  Within a few days, the brain fog cleared up, my mood swings stabilised. I was clear of brain fog for 3 weeks, and had not been exercising during this time. I have read that Vit D helps in the conversion of T4 to T4. Other supplements which may help include B12, selenium, D-ribose, Acetyl Carnitine, magnesium. So i'd suggest you give each one of these ago, preferable one at a time so you know what works. 

At week 4, i thought let me try exercising, so i did a very very light weights routine (4 sets of 3 reps - at a very low weight). Unfortunately the next day I was disproportionately exhausted for 2 days, and the brain fog returned (but only about 30%  of usual). So i still need to investigate further whats going on. 

I saw my GP again this week and got my latest Thyroid results: I'd like some advice on this from the forum so i will put them on a new post!

Anyway, i thought i'd post this as it might help others suffering from brain fog. 

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  • sorry, meant to right T4 to t3 conversion. And FYI i am on 100mcg Levo, recently increased to 125mcg, also on a gluten free diet for the last 2 years.

  • Ash-S,

    I'm glad you found something to help relieve brain fog.

    How low was your vitD and was the 200,000iu injection or capsules?

  • Hi Clutter, 

    Serum 25-HO Vit D3 was 48 nmol/l. The GP said it should be around 80 for me (age/gender based i guess). I took Hux D3 capsules 5/day for days = 200,000 iu

  • Ash-S,

    Wow!  Not many GPs prescribe high dose when levels are within range.  My GP prescribed 40,000iu x 14 days followed by 2,000iu daily x 8 weeks which raised vitD from <10 to 107.  Made an enormous improvement in wellbeing and completely resolved the hip and knee joint pain which had prevented me sleeping well.

  • 107 ! you must be flying! I was in the 30-50 range where the recommendation on the lab report was FOR supplementation. At the same time i have working intensly ON my GP to get him on board and cooperate! ;)

  • Ash-S,

    No, not flying but skin and lips seemed plumped up and a healthier colour.  It was relief of joint pain that was the major improvement.  I over did the supplementing later in the year and vitD was 390.  Luckily I didn't have symptoms of toxicity.  I aim to keep vitD 75-100 since then.

  • Hi Ash! I take 4000 iu a day of vit d. I also take magnesium daily in powder. And i would get my d tested, and still be on the low end. Keep it up! I am less foggy brained too. Although, i still get bouts of tiredness and dizziness. Its a daily battle. Glad you are feeling good. 

  • You shouldn't take Acetyl Carnitine if you are hypo.

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