Biggest "brain fog" worry

I could not find the hot cross buns....I remember unpacking them with my other groceries,

ai searched every cuboard, even looked in the rubbish bin......completely baffled I went to make myself a coffee, but could not open the cutlery drawer ! HOW could I have pressed those poor little buns down into that drawer ? yet have no recollection of doing it .....


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  • LOL !! Reading your post Sam75 makes me feel totally 'normal' :)

  • Glad to hear it Clairval, but be on your guard I may be behind you !!

  • If this was a one off for me it would be funny, but as we all know it's part of our normal life!

  • Phew! im not on my own then! Been there done that! lol xx

  • I would probably not even have seen them in there! Not only do I put stuff down in weird places but I can't even see it when it's right in front of my nose.

  • I went to the fridge for the milk - it wasn't there. I looked around the kitchen to no avail. My husband found it in the microwave! I also couldn't find my kitchen timer, I have to have a large ringing noise to alert me that things are in the oven or else I'll probably burn the house down. Finally found it the next day in the biscuit barrel!

    Thyroid brain fog and I'm blonde - a dangerous combination? :) x

  • Such a relief to know its probably not dementia YET ! keep em coming makes us all feel so much better,,,,

  • Hi there,

    I made a lovely fresh, crispy salad then went to take chicken out of the oven. I placed the tray on the table and turned round to find the salad to plate up. No salad, I hunted around the flat, but know sign of it. Then I decided I ought to cover the chicken. Some of it had gone missing. I went to bed feeling defeated. Neighbour came round about two hours later. Told me her cat had brought in some cooked chicken and asked if it was mine. I said most likely it was but it was fine did not want it back, ho ho! Later went to make toast for supper. Low and behold what was that bowl of rather wilted veg under the grill. None other than my salad.

    I am a psychologist and most interested in these 'action slips'. Everybody has them. It would be really valuable to do a comparison study to see if we hypothyroidins make them more frequently.



  • So pleased to read all your comments, I feel "normal" now, thought I was losing the plot!!!!!

  • Hi there

    got up this morning fav trick put the teapot in the fridge, milk in micro washing in the dishwasher and forgetting what the hell I went upstairs for came back down remembered what I wanted to take upstairs went upstairs and forgot wanted to take up all this before 10 a.m. I think I need a lie down for the rest of the day!

  • How wonderful ! you make my hot cross bun trick seem almost normal, bless you

    What a laugh this has turned out to be, we sure need a few on this site.x

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