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Hypothyroidism + lymphocytosis

Hi everyone I got some blood tests done for my hypothyroid,+ other tests as the endo said he wanted to check it wasn't anything else that was making me feel so sick. I've been on nature throid since last year (approx march) which I buy myself + currently on 11/2 grain + ,6mcg of t3 + going to up it every 2 weeks till hopefully feeling alot better. I got my results recently and I haven't got any idea what they mean + would be very grateful if someone could help me out as to what they mean. I'm also worried about where it says mild lymphocytosis as when I read up what it is its worrying. thanks for your time and help in advance. PS just to let you know my results are very long. ACTH5.5 Pmo/L 2.0_11.0. LH. ,33.0. U/L. FSH 55.0 U/L. Oestradiol <50. pmo/L. Prolactin 585 mU/L 500. Testo (,,Fem) 0.5 nmol/L 1.9. Pl cortisol,,303 nmol,/L 140_500. TSH 0.88. mU/L. 0.30_6.00. Free T4. 6.2 pmo/L ,10.0_22.0. Glyc HbA1c. 45. IFCCmmol/mol. 41. Adj calcium 2.33. nmol/L 2.20_2.60. Lymphocytes 4.8. x,10 9/L. 1.0_3.5. thanks again

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Because you are taking NDT and T3 FT4 will often be low and your FT4 is below range. You really need to know what your FT3 level is to determine whether you are optimally dosed and to ensure FT3 remains within range. You can order private thyroid tests with FT3 from

ACTH is within range as is Cortisol and calcium. I can't comment on the sex hormones, Prolactin and testosterone.

I think HbA1C 45 may mean you are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes and may need to adjust your diet and increase exercise.


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Hi clutter thanks for your help.this is the 2nd time I've been told that when they do my bloods theyre also going to test t3 as well + for some reason they haven't again. I'm going to see my GP and ask for this again because I've been given excuses 2 many times . Thanks again



NHS labs may decline to analyse FT3 unless TSH is suppressed <0.03. If your GP or endo telephone's the lab within 7 days of the sample being sent the lab may be able to do the analysis.


Really I didn't know that. Thanks clutter I'm to late to call them this time cos I got them done on the ,13 Oct ,+ my endo went on holiday so my results lay on desk until he returned. But that's good to know for the future


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