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Any advice on these blood results??

Hi I am hypo and on 125mg of Levo.

I have been diagnosed with cfs,which I am not convinced about anyway I've been trying to sort out my ducks,I feel slightly better but still feel rubbish.

Anyone got any thoughts on these results

My ferritin is 38 (15- 291 )up from 18 in January,

TSH 0.36(0.35-5.5)

FT4 16 (10-20.0)

FT3 4.5(3.5-6.5)

VitD is about 73 I can't find the results for this

I've been taking ferrous fumate and vit d in the hope this would help me convert.

Endo is entirely satisfied with these results and wants to see me in a year.He thinks my ferritin is fine and that I can take ferrous fumate if I want.But there is nothing wrong with My levels

Does anyone have any advice please?

Thanks in advance x

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CFS isn't a disease, so you can't be 'diagnosed' with it. It's a syndrome. A syndrome is a bunch of symptoms. Symptoms are caused by something. And, looking at your labs, I would say that, in your case, they are caused by your low T3 (along with your low iron and D3, of course).

Doctors only look at the TSH, when in reality, it's the FT3 the most important number. And I don't think your doctor would be satisfied with your FT3 if it were his! You do need a 25 mcg increase, at the very least, taking you up to 150 - and later, you might even need to go up to 175. But, I don't know how you can convince your doctor of that, intellectually. Have you tried grovelling?

I'm joking, of course. But, it would be good if you could find some way of convincing him. As to your ferritin, do you take vit C with your ferrous fumerate? Taking at least 1000 mg with it, will increase absorption. And you are taking it at least 4 hours away from your levo, aren't you? And, away from just about everything else, except the vit C. :)


Ha ha grey goose! I had to grovel to get him to test T3. As it happens I get an extra 25mg in my monthly repeat prescription I normally give it back(their mistake) but i do have a few extra packets at home. Would this not make my tsh too low ?i thought my tsh level was quite good, It confuses me and no I don't take Vit c with my ferrous fumate but I do take it away from levo ,would that be 1000mg each time?

Thanky you x


Once you are on thyroid hormone replacement, the TSH is irrelevant - it doesn't matter how low it goes. The important number is the FT3 - although doctors don't know that. Your TSH is good - but then it will still be good if it's 0.01. It doesn't matter.

If I were you, I wouldn't give the extra back anymore, I'd take it!

Yes, that would be 1000 mg vit C every time you take an iron pill. :)


Right I am with you. Thanks for the advice 😀X


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