Ketogenic diet, or fasting?

Now that my candida is under control (Yayyy!) I can properly contemplate doing something about my weight, and my nearly diabetes. I have already reduced my carb intake massively, avoiding all high carb foods and upping my fat intake. But if I lose weight at all its going to be very slow! So being the world's least patient person, I am thinking of either going ketogenic or just going the whole hog and fasting.

Ketogenic is going to be quite hard, I suspect, because I currently eat lots of green, red and yellow veg, and a helping of cabbage plus some nuts will take me over the meagre allowance of 20grams. I'm sure its possible to live on protein foods alone, but I must say I am finding it hard to imagine.

As for fasting, I have only ever tried intermittent fasting, as in the 5:2 diet, and I used to have trouble sleeping on fast days, and I suspect it contributed to my adrenal fatigue, although not nearly as much as the supplement I was given my my holistic doc.

So, who has tried either, and what was your experience?

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  • Wow drastic measures?.surely slow and steady to keep it off stay off and feel healthy and well would be better than starving your self of a good nutritional diet? Maybe checkIng diabetic web sites.for ideas and to help keep blood sugar stable my Dr has offered support by a nurse diet advice and has vouchers for slimming clubs. I am obese but slowly losing weight (average 1lb a week) and.quite honestly quite happy with that yes I'd love to lose more BUT I'm feeling really well and certainly not hungry if I was I'd go and pug out I just know I willl. I'll be happy when I'm overweight according to.BMI Best of luck

  • So you are doing a low calorie diet. How many times have you done that before? Calorie restriction causes a drop in metabolism. And even though you will lose weight if you restrict calories enough that lowered metabolism will persist for a long time after the end of the diet - possibly forever.

    I've learned that one the hard way, like so many people. And I have no intention of doing that to myself again.

    Type 2 diabetes is caused by eating too many refined carbohydrates and sugars, and too often. The cure is to stop eating them, and stop snacking. If you went low carb, even if not keto, you would probably lose weight slowly. I'm not quite that patient!

    Read Jason Fung - it will all make so much sense!

  • You've almost answered your own question on the foods you shouldn't eat. I have lost weight by counting calories and then the.sudden totally unexpected loss of my mother and some added family stress I put it back on so I am steadily doing it again. I have also gone G/F which I think had helped often have 3 veg with my dinner.(often a raw vegetables a carrot with olive oil and ground seasemme seeds) if I'm hungry some brown.rice or sweet potato. I probably do around 1 300 calories I'm to hungry and can't get the variety of foods otherwise. I've just read a really good book on diet myths androa lot about microbes and because I've had/getting over a leaky gut it's been very enlightening. I meal plan a lot (helps to remind me about soaking pulses) and I make a log of soups (boiling bones etc).so I know I'm getting a good nutritional soup.

  • I tried ketogenic diet with no success. Was better on fasting, but I did it for a few weeks, bad thing is most of the weight I lost returned within couple of days after I started eating again :(

  • How long were you keto/fasting margaretx? And did you go back to eating what you had eaten before?

  • Ruthi, sorry I can't answer your question but I'd love to know how you managed to get your Candida under control.


    I used the Humaworm product and have to say it has been amazing. Currently I would say it has gone. If it reared it's head again I would repeat. I certainly plan to repeat the parasite cleans,e again because I suspect they have not completely gone.

  • Thanks Ruthi. I'd never heard of Humaworm before, so will probably give it a go. I've tried so many other products, all to no avail.

  • You don't want Humaworm itself, but they make a Candida product. They also make an antibacterial product, and given that I am still belching quite a lot, and it might be SIBO (I'm chronically constipated) I might give that a try. I think in theory you are supposed to do a parasite cleanse first, but I am not sure if it is essential. I did it, and plan to do another because my TMJ is just beginning to start again.

    Other anti-candida treatments are lufenuron (brand CCWS) which I discounted because it is fairly draconian on the matter of diet. GAPs diet, and at least 14 grams of fat with each tablet. My sugar cravings were so strong at the beginning that there was no way I could have done GAPS. I was more likely to find myself eating half a packet of sugar with a spoon!

    There is also a product called Candigest, but that is contraindicated for gastritis, and I only cured that about six months ago.

    None of these treatments are permanent unless you can stay off all sugars forever. Humaworm recommend everyone does a parasite cleanse every six months, a bit like worming your dog. And I can imagine that eating the odd birthday cake might be enough to tip a long term sufferer into candida growth again. The difference is that if you know what to do, and do it early, its not going to blight your life in the way it has mine. The problem is that candida and parasites are everywhere. The problems arise when they get out of balance, and being hypo makes us susceptible, I suspect.

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