5/2 Fasting Diet

I just thought some of you might be interested to know that I am finding the Fast Diet - having downloaded Michael Mosley's book onto my Kindle app - extremely beneficial, not just from a weight point of view, but also because I am feeling so well.

I remember seeing the Horizon programme MM did and being impressed by the extremely good scientifically-proven health gains, in particular the lowered cholesterol, since mine is quite high and the GP did discuss statins with me (I refused them), but I am one of those people who also needs to see stuff written down, so the book had more impact on me.

I did 3 weeks of 5/2 fasting before taking 2 weeks off to go on holiday; my weight only decreased by 1.5 pounds, but my energy levels had increased and I feel immensely well. After 2 weeks of not fasting I found myself beginning to feel sluggish and was relieved to do my first day of fasting, again.

After another week of fasting I've just weighed myself and I have now lost 3 pounds in weight, but suddenly decided to measure myself and, as suspected, realise that I have lost quite a few inches, in particular from around my waist - 1.5 inches, in fact! I do my weighing in the morning, after my first coffee, on the day of my fast and this morning I also did the measuring.

Some people find it too difficult, say they feel dizzy, get headaches, but I find I feel quite ok; I do ensure that I drink plenty of water, though I also know I need to be near a loo since I spend most of the day dashing to it! What I really like about it is, if I find myself smelling fish and chips (I often visit the seaside at this time of the year) with yearning (!) I simply tell myself it's only for a day and that tomorrow I can eat with impunity (though I am not a huge eater in the first place, just have an under active thyroid and age slowing me down, lol).

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  • What do you eat on the fasting days? Am I right in thinking those are 500 calorie days?

  • Yes, 500 calories and then a normal 2000 on normal days :)

  • Yes for a woman its 500 calories. In fact if you google 5-2 Diet Recipes you can find quite a few suggestions now for different ideas and its surprising what you can eat for only 500 calories! The secret to doing this successfully is keeping busy on your "fast" days because it really is all in your mind!

  • Is it completely normal eating on non fast days? I'm very tempted to try this.

    I really struggle to retain information, trying to remember what I can and can't eat, red days/green days, calories etc is too much for me so just not eating much on two day might work better for me.

  • Normal eating on non-fast days; around 2000 calories for women :)

  • Worked for me too - really excellent diet and I felt more energised and healthier.

  • I am a simple soul! I cannot entertain a "diet" which doesn't allow me to drink coffee, for a start. So I use my mild allowance to have 3 mugs of coffee across the day; drinking water regularly stops the hunger pangs and at 6-6.30pm I have a Waitrose pot of fresh soup - I go for the lower calorie ones, between 210-260 calories for the whole pot. I then allow myself an Options 40 calorie hot chocolate drink and a couple of Rich Tea biscuits and that's me done for the day.

    On my non-fasting days I carry on as usual and have no real idea how many calories I get through.

    I have noticed not just an improvement in energy levels, but also my skin looks fresher! Maybe all the water I drink on those two days.

  • Do they have to be concurrent days? Or do you have an even spread?

  • Generally it's better if they are not concurrent, I believe. I don't think I could manage concurrent days fasting...

  • I've always struggled with losing weight and diets that either don't anything or don't make me feel dreadful. This has been brilliant and works without rendering me incapable of functioning. I have to say I'm feeling better than I have in a VERY long time and not sure I could have attempted when I was really poorly. But I guess with any diet or as this is, way of eating you need to be in the right place physically and emotionally.

  • Iv been doing similar but I juice on my fast days and feel great iv lost 20 lb so far.. I also take wheatgrass and spirulina, I have more energy now that iv ever had since being diagnosed whither hypo. I'm still on 100mg of levothyroxine but my tsh is now 1.71,I'm finally relaxed with my condition.

  • Huge congrats on that weight loss Audrey64. That's amazing. My mum has been doing the 5/2 (she's not hypo) and has lost 1 stone so far. And I really agree with the juicing. I think it's a great way to get great vitamins into us especially as most of us have compromised digestive systems.


  • Right that's it, I'm doing it :-)

  • That's really encouraging. I have done a similar sort of plan in the past but after the first week I found I just maintained rather than lost. I also wasn't sure what effect the fast days had on the thyroid but now that it's been proven by you all that is clearly has no detrimental effect I might just give it another go! Now I am on Levo I might just start to lose the weight that the medical profession seem to think I will :-)

  • I fast once per week, every week. Keeps me on my game. I do it for the mental effects tho, more than anything. You think much more clearly during a fast, and it can really help re-center you for the week ahead.

    I also got a lot of help at weight loss camp. That's actually where I learned it - not that they do fasting with everyone who comes there, but I got to talking to Conn and it came up so he taught me how... What a great place, worth checking out. it's CFS Weight Loss down in Florida on the gulf coast. Beautiful place too.

    Sometimes I drink juice on fast day tho. Cause sometimes the body just can't handle it right.

  • I'd managed to lose around 10lbs in the space of two months but stopped the diet over Christmas/New Year. Consequently I put around 5lbs on again. I'm finding I actually look forward to the fasting days though - I find it much easier eating 'nothing' for 12 hours, twice a week, rather than having to decide all the time. I generally have cereals in the morning and a bowl of soup plus fruit in the evening.

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