Hypothyroidic and on a low carb diet

I was diagnosed as hypothyrodic last November.

Last week i went back to the doctors telling them that i didnt think the 100mu of levothyroxine was working.

So...they did a blood test and it showed my numbers had dropped again real low so they upped me to 125mu.

Well...for the last couple weeks, ive been on a low carb diet because i cant loose my weight which I've put on due to this thyroid, ive always eaten a low fat,low sugar diet but my carb intake was like, pasta,potatoes,rice so ive stopped them.

Thing is ...even this diet which your supposed to loose weight real fast,...im not!

Is it ok to do this diet with a thyroid problem and if so....why am i not loosing weight on this diet either???

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  • I think Dr Myhill recommends a paleo diet so I don't think there is anything inherently wrong w having a go to see how you feel. There are some who believe the autoimmune paleo protocol helps, not sure how that is different. You may not have great success losing weight until your thyroid hormone is optimally replaced. Do you know what your last results were? If you post them here it might be possible to see what's going wrong.

  • I have lost weight by eating low carb, it was the only thing that has worked for me since being hypo. However, you must make sure you are eating lots of protein and fat. I can't stress this enough. If you cut down on bread, pasta, potatoes, sugar etc you must replace the calories otherwise you will lower your metabolism and will gain weight.

    There is a great website dietdoctor.com which explains everything.

    I had been conditioned to eat a low-fat diet and it was psychologically quite difficult at first to believe I could eat, full fat cheese, butter, pate, peanut butter, fatty meats etc and lose weight. But I now prefer to eat this way and feel a lot better for it.


  • Can you eat full fat yogurt? I eat lots of meat,veg, fruits....

    I cant stomach cheese or full fat cream,

  • Full fat yoghurt, milk, butter, olives and olive oil, nuts and nut oils, avocados, coconut oil... The only fats that are off-limits are processed oils, like sunflower seed and canola. Your body needs fat. :)

  • If you know that you put the weight on due to your thyroid condition, why are you trying to lose it by changing your diet? It probably has nothing to do with what you eat. Hypo weight-gain is caused by low T3. What you need to do is concentrate on raising your T3.

    Have you had your FT3 tested? If not, it would be a good idea to either ask your doctor to test it, or get it done privately. Have it tested at the same time as your FT4, and we'll be able to see how well you are converting. If you feel that the levo you're taking isn't working, it's probably because you aren't able to convert it. If you've already got those two results, post them on here - with the ranges - and let's have a look. :)

  • I had a re test and they said i wasnt either obsorbing the levothyroxine or it wasnt high enough so they put me up.

    I have to be re tested in 3 months.

  • Did you not get a copy of the results?

    Actually, 3 months is too long. They should test you six weeks after an increase.

  • No i didnt ..but i can ask

  • It's best to. You need to keep your own records. And, you need to know exactly what was tested, and exactly what the results were. Doctors attach so little importance to thyroid, and know so little about it, that I'm afraid we can't always trust them to have our best interests at heart. :)

  • Yeah..im realising that now.

  • :)

  • Do you take your tablets well away from other food and drink other than water?

    Its fine to do a low carb diet when hypo. But you do need to have some fat, otherwise you will not get adequate nutrients. But if your thyroid levels are really low it will make no difference. It will really only work once you have adequate thyroid hormone in your system.

  • Yes i take my tablets with water before any food and with water.

  • And leave an hour before eating/drinking?

  • Yes nearly 2 hours

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