Candida anyone?

I had yet another go at googling my strange stools, (that the gastroenterologist said were unusual but no - I could not have parasites) and lo! I must have used slightly different words because lots of familiar looking pictures, and the word Candida suddenly filled my screen!

Of course now I am kicking myself for not considering it before. I have no oral vaginal thrush so kind of assumed I was fine. But reading up on it Candida is pretty likely. And the symptoms overlap with hypo symptoms quite a bit, so if you are optimally medicated but still not right (like me) then it might be worth considering.

Anyway I have gone through quite a lot of the old posts but would like to ask if anyone has tried either lufenuron (CCWS) or Candigest. Since my parasite cleanse my sugar cravings are off the scale - I can't do the diet without help.

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No answers hun, but following this interesting post. by the way, could you post a link to what to look for in stools?

OK, not for the squeamish!

Google 'fibre in stool candida'. I found something slightly different last time, including one that more closely resembled mine at their worst. So when I went to the gastro I showed her pictures where the poops were like walnut sized beads but were strung out along a string. When examined closely the 'string' was made up of lots of very fine fibres, poo coloured, not white. Quite strong strings too - not as strong as sewing thread, but not easily broken either.

Since the parasite cleanse there have been loads of fibres, but they are shorter, so no strings of beads. And I have been quite religious about the psyllium husks too, so things aren't quite so small and hard.

Dear Me! the things we discuss on this board!

Oh my bl**dy b*ggering god!

Actually, my doggies' poos sometimes seem to be encased in a mucous membrane. wonder if they have candida.

I have wondered the same thing. I suspect if its only occasional there must be other causes for mucous in poo - and if you have a gannet in fur they do eat quite a lot of stuff they shouldn't!

It wasn't mucous that was worrying me, it was the macrame string!

Hi, same as Schenks , no answers but very interested in your stools pictures 😜

I looked into Lufenuron a couple of years ago but I took fright when I read this kind of information :

Lufenuron is very lipid soluble – this means it is taken over five days and loads up into fatty tissues from which it is slowly released over four to six weeks. This maintains tissue concentrations high enough to kill all yeast, including candida, for at least a month and possibly longer.

Source :

Suppose I had taken Lufenuron then developed severe allergy reactions to it after a few days. I would have to put up with those for 4 - 6 weeks!

Its that, plus the fact that its a veterinary medicine that has worried me. However there seems no doubt that it helps everyone who uses it.

I am thinking I will start with Candigest, which is much milder, herb based, and doesn't have the bad press, and will move on to Lufeneron if that isn't enough.

Good luck. It would be helpful if you could report back and tell us how things go. I'm going to have to tackle Candida at some point, but I'm a world class procrastinator.

Actually, would it surprise you that most of the medicines you take started out as veterinary medicines and are often put onto the human meds market without any alterations whatsoever? Quite honestly, when working as a veterinary nurse many years ago, I took a cough medicine meant for horses once and it cleared my bronchitis faster than any of the human applications would have, and I regularly took veterinary Penbritin for tonsillitis!

And of course our pets get far better health care, (including thyroid care) than we do. However, I do suspect there is less testing (is it possible to do less testing?) than for human medicines, and so they become the guinea pigs.

I haven't tried that no but I suffer from Candida constantly but I am now currently 9 weeks pregnant so having a major flare up. Love being a woman! I found a diet shake that helps calm it. Think mine is gut based.

Have you ever taken caprylic acid for candida? I think it helps me.

No, but I did buy some stuff for seborrheic dermatitis that had it in, and it brought me out in spots.

Don't want spots in my gut.....

Ouch! I wonder if I'm spotty on the inside? :D

I doubt it. I have the most stupid skin, which breaks out with almost every normal moisturiser on the market. In fact for years I thought I was either not careful enough at cleansing, or eating too much sugar/junk and bringing my spots upon myself. Then one day I bought some cheap stuff from Boots when I ran out of my 'good quality' moisturiser, and all my spots disappeared!

Boots discontinued the cheap stuff last year, and I have bought numerous others in an attempt to find something that didn't bring me out. The only thing has been OK is some cream for eczema.

Nobody believes me, Liz Earle and Clinique are perfect, no-one reacts to them! But then I am the woman who reacts really badly to erythromycin but is fine with penicillin. Oh no dear! (Grrr!!!) you can't be allergic to erythromycin, its what we give the people who are allergic to penicillin.

I hate being called by my christian name, or dear without permission, nearly as much as I hate being called a liar!

I have problems with skin products too. With the wrong stuff my dry skin turns unnaturally smooth, bright red and shiny. I usually only use liquid soap and water, and occasionally I use supermarket baby moisturising lotion that I can buy for peanuts in 1/2 litre bottles.

My spot problems almost vanished when I improved my nutritient levels and my thyroid.

I hope you find something that helps.

I realise this an old post but had to say I'm ellerguc to erythromycin too , and I have candida ! I'm trying Citricidal and apple cider vinegar . Praying they work as my thyroid meds just aren't working nearly as well ! Has it affected anyone else similarly ?

I think using citricidal is risky because it is antibacterial as well as anti fungal. You don't really want to kill off the good bacteria that help keep the candida in check.

I think you would be better served by a herbal candida cleanse, then probio tics.

I'm using probiotics Ruthi , have been for a while now and also take Betaine Hydrochloride , so doing all I can on that front .

Fingers crossed things will come together soon ! Oh yes am upping the fats too , and just trying to get used to feeling hungry !

I'm guessing that's to do with hypo meds not working too well at the moment , but that's another problem !

If you are feeling hungry you aren't eating enough fat.

Well I thought I was with eggs steak cheese etc . I think the problem maybe deeper than that , not sure t3 is doing what it should . Plus cortisol levels I think can add to pthe problem . I'm just waiting for tests to come back to see what's going on .

It's a bit like unravelling a ball of wool !

I had intestinal candida 2 years ago. I had the same stools and it completely freaked me out. I was so ill and the doctors kept testing for parasites but it's a fungal infection. I argued with the doctors and was eventually given a months supply of anti fungal medication. I also did the candida diet....really difficult to stick to but really did my best. I also took probiotics and digestive enzymes and ate lots of garlic and cooked with coconut oil.

I am not sure if I have ever completely got rid of the infection and not sure if this infection has caused my low b12 and thyroid or if me getting ill caused the infection.

I am still careful with what I eat and take probiotics.

Good luck

I think it more likely that low stomach acid from hypo allows the candida to get into the system.

Am unwilling to take anti fungals because of the effect on the liver. So I will start with the milder treatments. Not that I think lufenuron is exactly mild!

Well, I am most of the way through the Humaworm Candida cleanse. And things are changing.

First of all my poos are now fairly normal in consistency, although I still need huge amounts of psyllium to keep regular. Their colon cleanse is nowhere nearly effective enough.

Next, I chose the Humaworm because it didn't require me to go on a Candida diet. My experiments with the parasite cleanse had pretty well cured my TMJ, but my sugar cravings went absolutely wild! I think that was due to the candida blooming in the absence of the the parasites to gobble it up. So the idea of going on a GAPS diet or similar while taking the treatment was just silly.

I have been on it for nearly three weeks, and about ten days in I noticed that I no longer felt the impossible cravings. As a result I am (largely) able to resist the temptation to eat whatever sugary rubbish I can get my hands on. I had a pudding in the pub on Saturday, but that was the first thing for a week. Now hubby has buggered off to Japan (he calls it work, but seems to consist mostly of going out drinking with his Jap friends every night) I am eating a pretty low carb diet, and not struggling. In fact I am hardly ever properly hungry, which leads me to wonder if actually my previous hunger was just carb cravings. And I am not constantly snacking either.

Furthermore, either because of the diet or because of the departure of the candida I am beginning to feel much brighter, and more active. I don't feel the overwhelming need for an afternoon nap, and am tackling tasks I have ignored for months. In fact I am almost buzzing, and wondering if I can afford to reduce my NDT slightly.

Who would have thought? I am beginning to think that everyone who has optimal bloods (including Ts, B12, ferritin D etc) but is still suffering should seriously consider looking at parasites and candida. When I look back, I certainly did use sugar as a drug, for its narcotic like effects on endorphins. But also I suspect I was using it to try and boost energy. Its all a bit of a vicious circle. Use sugar as a pick-me-up and you invite the candida, which then demands more and more.

This is me to the letter , totally , all of it . Sadly I've only just started the candida diet and my sugar or carb cravings are through the roof , also just general hunger , all of the time . I'm guessing the little candida blighters are working overtime on me . So maybe I need to look at the Humaworm . Anything has got to better than this !

Honestly JuneP I could never get beyond 4.00pm, and that was on a calm day!

You can help your general hunger by increasing fats. Otherwise you are losing a huge proportion of the calories in your diet. Fats have the advantage of being satisfying for far longer than carbs, that typically only last a max of 2 hours before you are craving more.

But the sugar cravings driven by candida are very real. I salute those who can deal with candida by diet alone - there was no way I could.

So it's probably time to update. By the end of the cleanse I was no longer eating sugar or carbs. As I researched low carbs diets I decided to go ketogenic, which is very low carb. So basically I now eat nothing that would feed more candida. But it would not be possible without the candida cleanse.

I feel so very much better than before. Whether it's due to the absence of candida or the ketogenic diet I'm not entirely sure. I don't much care. It works! And when I stray I suffer. So I suspect it's the diet.

At the moment Ruthi we're on holiday so difficult to control what you eat sometimes and we're travelling about so even harder .

That said it's mainly down to will power which I'm not that brilliant at , but am coping at the moment anyway .

You mention the candida cleanse , is that when you used Humaworm ?

I dare say there are more things that you can use , I'm seriously thinking of trying one because doing it through diet is hard . Not sure I'll stay the distance without help .

Nevertheless it has to be done one way or another !

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